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180 Degrees

Following the May 1 announcement of training opportunities, please see modules below:

  1. Blogging:
    It has become a buzzword, and many people claim that they’re making lots of money through it! Could it be true? Well, it is true — but there are some things they have not told you: setting up a blog is like discovering the life you should have been living! A blog combines the power of online presence — that websites bring — with the ease of filling in a diary without the need for writing techie codes! And it also helps secure your real estate online, standing as a potential “cash cow” as it grows in reach and popularity. Plus, you can decide what you wish to do with your blog: its yours anyway. This training will take you from just being an admirer of blogs (and recently, leaving comments on other people’s blogs) to becoming an owner of your own blog. We will take you from how to set up your blog, choosing a name, deciding what/how to write, basic tips on increasing traffic to your website and …

  2. Making Money Online:
    You must have heard about the increasingly popular seminars that try to teach you how to make money online. And odds are that you’ve been to one, but left with a “funny” taste in your mouth — and a few naira off your account. Why are you not making money, while the seminar organizers are getting richer? Well, maybe its because you’ve been taught the wrong things — or haven’t been empowered with the tools that make the difference between “lesson notes” and “practical application”. Enters the “180 Degrees Making Money Online” training! How exactly can you make money online without getting involved in fraud? How can you ensure that each day, a few keeps waiting for you in your online account? Would you love to learn from those who combine experience with the passion to empower you?

  3. Navigating International Meetings:
    At some point in your career, you would love to look back and see how you moved from Personal Development to Global Participation. But a lot comes with global participation — one of which is participation in international meetings. This need to understand how to “navigate” international meetings is a popular need. From identifying which meetings exist, deciding which is relevant, finalizing travel plans, actual participation and post-meeting issues, there are people who can share thoughts with you and help you understand what to do. While there’s no formula to the process, the facilitator(s) for this training have grown from where you are today to the point where they now navigate international meetings with so much ease. If you wish to join this flight that will take you closer to global participation.

  4. Social Enterprise Development:
    Gone are the days when people stayed away from the social issues they so much wanted to address because of the fear of ending up as a pauper. You can now combine the value of solving social issues with the comfort of earning revenue… and as it is said, “there’s nothing like doing what you love to do — especially solving a societal problem — and being paid for it”. If you’ve heard the phrase, “social entrepreneurs” and there’s a click in your mind, or you are interested in understanding how to move your non-profit ideas into the realm of sustainability, then this training is for you. Combining proven business concepts with passionate social delivery, this training will explain to you how tomorrow’s most important people will be social entrepreneurs — people who solve problems, and are paid for it!

Please send an eMail to 180@generissolutions.com to confirm your interest. Training holds on June 17th 2006 at the Generis Solutions Training Room, 5th Floor, L’Monarch Plaza, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, 01 794 16 02.

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