180 Degrees: What People Are Saying!

180 Degrees

Following the registration process for the 180 Degrees seminar, some of the comments speak of the expectation of intending participants. Hear some of them:

“Can we do this seminar today?”

“It took .09 sec for me to decide that this seminar is a must buy. I look forward to meeting you.”

“This is one of the greatest things that I think will happen next week. This is purely a good innovation. Highly motivating for young people that are just coming up.”

“Can’t wait till this date”

“This is an initiative worth commending… thanks for choosing to give to Nigeria”

“I am truly tired of my present level… someday I hope I will be able to ask, “who pushed me”. Thanks for this offer”

“I am serving currently but I don’t want to join the labour market so I need to hear what will probably change my fortune.”

“I was highly inspired when I saw the antecedents of the facilitators (‘Gbenga and Deolu). I said if they can, I can. Well done! ”

“Oppotunity is what makes a man to stand among others. So I want to use every opportunity I get. I choose to believe that my ability to be in this meeting will mark a turning point in my career and also incite in me a new drive for personal development”

“I’m really thrilled by this opportunity you are offering. I hope the seminar will answer the question: is it too late for someone over 30 years have a career turn-around?”

“I believe in this noble idea, having attended the PIN Youth Programme in Lagos and also having been interviewed by Adeolu both in P&G and in Virgin Nigeria, I believe in what they can do and I fully subscribe to this seminar. I am definitely in.”

“I really want to make use of this opportunity to improve my marketability and skills, because I just got a new job.”

“I’ve been searching for people of like minds. I saw Deolu last Saturday in Ibadan and I knew I have found one of them .Checking the site another one surfaced. Now i know is time to start the race because its multidisciplinary but can be achieved with like minds. I see a new Nigeria that start from now.”

“Will like to be a part of this for 180 degree career turn around. Bravo!!!”

“Good stuff guys… creating and developing the “future” is a great passion for me. Ride on guys, and see you there!”

So, there are people who feel the way you do about career growth and personal development. What are you waiting for? Click here to register! And if you wish to read more comments, click here. Remember, there are no strings attached: the seminar is FREE.

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