Yahoo’s Response to Google

The new look of Yahoo!

I used to maintain a Yahoo account, and logged in today to try tracing an old eMail message … but was greeted by an intreresting development. In what apparently is some form of response to GMail’s never delete and don’t create a folder user-friendly offers, Yahoo! is now testing a new look Yahoo! Mail. The new look gives you a feel of MS Outlook and the search prowess of Gmail. In what Yahoo! describes as features by the trcukload, it says: “Enjoy a fast, familiar and intuitive new interface that makes it so much easier to stay in touch and organise messages. You can drag & drop email here and there, and have lots of messages open at once. You also get email automatically (no need to keep checking), and it’s easy to preview messages.”

So, for those who use Yahoo! (and any other free eMail service provider — except maybe the conservative three-letter eMail service provider :)), enjoy the competition.

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