Word of Command: When “Oro” Meets “Ase”!

Images from the eWeek 2001 website

We’ve been discussing for a while now, but I stumbled upon a website that brought memories of how long we’ve been discussing the development of young Nigerians.

Images from the eWeek 2001 website

Adeolu Akinyemi, the curator of the blog titled Ase (which translates to mean command) used to be my classmate at the Electronic & Electrical Engineering department of Great Ife. We grew to be friends and then, as soon as we returned to school for our final year, he had this weird idea of running for the post of president of the departmental association — and he thought my once entertained idea of contesting for the position of Electronic Club chairman was great so we could work together, along with other friends who had started their campaigns for various positions. The story would get longer if I don’t quickly say that we both won the elections and worked together in a year that was quite unique to me — having been inactive in the department for over four years.

Images from the eWeek 2001 website

The major event that would probably remind us of the many meetings and schemes would be Electronic Week 2001, whose website I have captured in the different images on this page. The event held between February 12 and 17, 2001 — and had a lot of input (in terms of presentations) from both within and outside the school. Mr. Chris Uwaje literally set the roof on fire with his challenge to young people while speaking on the theme, The Future of Nigeria — a strange topic at that time for such a technical departmental association. 🙂 We even had a website for the program, even though it was for students within the department — talk of planning for global impact. 😉 The week ended with a dinner whose pictures would make anyone laugh — considering how much Deolu and myself have changed (see picture below, and compare with what’s on Ase)…

Deolu Akinyemi, 'Gbenga Sesan and a guest from UI at the eWeek 2001 dinner

Five years later, myself and Deolu were honoured at The Future Awards and we have been discussing possible collaboration (actually, resumed discussions as we have always mentioned various possible joint efforts) — and a few days ago, online chat sessions and a final phone call put an end to the seeming delays. In the next few days, we’ll be putting together some developmental project to help young Nigerians who are presently having issues with employment — and this runs deep, if you consider the fact that the number of jobs are reducing while the number of graduates are getting quite astronomical. I joked earlier that looking at the title of our blogs, a joint project would be powerful — my blog title, “Oro,” means “word” and his blog title, “Ase,” means command. So, we trust that the project will bring a word of command that will empower young Nigerians to bridge the gap between their dreams and reality (especially in the area of building a career). Watch this space — and Ase too!.

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