The Blessing of Curses

The dawn of a new day...

On the 2nd of April, I’ll be speaking at the April Business Meeting of Junior Chamber International – Nigeria’s Eko Chapter. I have decided to share thoughts with them on, The Blessing of Curses: Emergence of a New Generation of Leaders for the Nigerian Nation. I had prepared a few notes on this same topic for the March 11 Leadership Summit hosted by Fifth Gear Consulting but couldn’t be at the meeting. I have decided to build on the notes, and share the expanded thoughts at the business meeting. Nigeria is at a critical stage, and I’m sure that there are tons of questions on the minds of each Nigerian on the future of the nation.

A new generation of leaders...

Anyone who feels pain is still alive, and may in fact move on to become dissatisfied and ready for change. During the presentation, I will draw a parallel between blessings and curses — limits and opportunities. Considering such sub-topics such as “No Pain, You’re Dead!”, “Darkness is Not a Curse”, “Where are the Leaders?”, and “Genes or Jeans?”, I will discuss the amazing opportunities that are evident owing to the present level of decay within the Nigerian environment. Calling for a new generation of leaders who can take us to the “New Nigeria”, I will also discuss the most audible — yet silent — announcement of the day: “Vacancy! Vacancy!! Vacancy!!!” You will be introduced to “A New Economy” as I rely on years of national/regional/interntional ICT involvement opportunities to explain how Nigeria will move from the third world to the first. Moving the discussion from Nigeria (as it often is) to you, I will share thoughts on “Dream With Eyes Wide Open”, taking you through time-tested steps that have turned chaos and urgent needs into national reformation. From my personal archives, I will explain why I believe that Nigeria will be the most desirable nation by 2025 — and invite you to take action in order to be on the stage when the curtains are withdrawn.

For more details on the meeting (and to participate), please contact the training director of JCI-Nigeria, Eko Chapter: 0803 578 19 01 or

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