EiE announces “Priority Issues for Nigeria’s 2011 Elections” survey

EiE Nigeria Coalition is proud to announce our new survey on Priority Issues for Nigeria’s 2011 Elections.

As debates hot up towards the 2011 elections, we believe that they should be about issues – and not the empty promises, threats and indecent acts that have shaped past pre-election debates. We invite you to help the candidates and general electorate to prioritise the issues that matter most for Nigeria right now. Download Windows 7 Professional OEM.

An 8-question survey, most questions are in one-click answer mode and we invite you to preview the questions here: Sex. Age. Location. Occupation. Religion. State of Origin. Top Issues. Why vote? You need only 4 minutes to complete and share the survey, which closes on September 30. The survey is now available at http://bit.ly/2011Polls.

Please spread the word via Facebook, twitter, BBM and other platforms that will allow Nigerians complete the survey. Please retweet our announcement tweets at @EiENigeria, or you can use the following: “EiE announces “Priority Issues for Nigeria’s 2011 Elections” survey. Complete @ http://bit.ly/2011Polls and spread the word. Pls RT #RSVP“.

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