Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

  • It’s really great to know that ‘Maga No Need Pay’ is now listed as a favourite video (“Our staff picks”) on Daily Motion #
  • RT @adechuks: @gbengasesan What is ashoka really all abt? :: It’s a global fellowship of leading social entrepreneurs. Visit #
  • IBB’s “national outlook makes him the right person to lead the country @ this critical point”? Dem don come again! Not in 2011! #SaveNigeria #
  • RT @savenigeria: Our website is now LIVE! Please visit us at today! Thanks. (Please re-tweet) #SaveNigeria #
  • For intuitive job search/career tips, visit Connect with @Jobbermandotcom on twitter and FaceBook ( #
  • IBB, fiile! Don’t even touch it. If they ask you, just say NO. If they don’t ask you, just stay at the hilltop. By the way, Dele says hello! #
  • Any website that has information about voters’ registration, etc? INEC website’s still in Year 2007, with #2011Elections only 13 months away #
  • RT @LagosTwestival: Welcome to Twestival 2010 in Lagos, Nigeria @nigeria20 @qubestreet @startupsnigeria @gbengasesan #
  • RT @Tosyn: #np Maga No Need Pay – @Omawumi @BankyW @MI_Abaga :: @rooftopmcs @wordsmith234 @bezidakula @sokleva @modele_b4h @cobhamsasuquo #
  • RT @Bankymoore: @gbengasesan kindly forward me d mail. I need a lot of inspiration about d Naija project! :: See #
  • RT @N4Change: @gbengasesan Would you mind sharing snippets of that message on N4C’s platform? Email? :: Please see #
  • “Time for us to show some action, and show our leaders that enough is enough!” Join the action @ #enoughisenoughnigeria #
  • FINALLY, Nigerian youths act! Join thousands of others as we march to the National Assembly on March 16. #enoughisenough #whereisyaradua #
  • We pretended all was well. We watched others talk. We did our own talking. It’s time to reclaim Nigeria! Join the ACTion: #
  • Are you a young Nigerian? Do you want a better Nigeria? Where will you be on March 16, 2010? Join us in Abuja! Sign up at #
  • RT @RedstratNigeria: Mar 16 is date young Nigerians ‘ll make their voices heard #weneedfuel #lightupnigeria #whereisyaradua #enoughisenough! #
  • “System-change: Market dynamics, public policy/industry norms, inclusion, business-social congruence and global culture” -Bill Carter/Ashoka #
  • RT @twestival Awesome to have @LagosTwestival join us this year! :: March 25 is the day. Lagos is the place! Details at #
  • We either sail or not, no patch-patch! 10th March for EXCOF meeting ( and 16th for NASS ( #SaveNigeria #
  • At 2100 CAT tonight, #Ashoka will welcome new Fellows selected in 2008 and 2009 (across West Africa) to the family. C’est bon! @ashokatweets #
  • Ashoka says welcome to the family, it’s an exciting opportunity! Now the work continues. http://www.ashoka.or #
  • Ashoka says “welcome to the family”, what an exciting opportunity! Work continues. #
  • Goodbye, hot Ouagadougou, hello Accra. Hated the Air Burkina delay (and tactics) but dinner must be in Lagos tonight, ahead of tomorrow! #
  • The “Crans Montana Forum of New Leaders for Tomorrow” will be launched this April. Glad to be part of it! Press release: #
  • Just Launched: Jobberman Community – Have your
    say @ #jobs #internships #career #nigeria @jobbermandotcom #
  • “Times like this require people to stand up for Nigeria so they can go to bed at night to say, ‘I’ve done my best for my fatherland'” -Abati #
  • The problem with an acting leader who owes his “opportunity” to a cabal is that he will lack the spine to truly act in the people’s interest #
  • Let’s face it, we are now used to things that should embarrass human beings in the 21st century! How much longer? Unfold those hands, abeg! #
  • RT @davtaiwo:but who’s ready to say the truth:: Those days are over! Either we speak the truth or not, we’ll expire someday. We choose truth #
  • Just read “Yar’Adua: Of smoke and mirrors” by Reuben Abati. Excellent summary of what’s truly going on in Nigeria. #
  • I consider it a huge honour to receive the ICT Award of Excellence in the National Ass. of Computer Science Students’ Hall of Fame. Thanks #

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