Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • @Hillsong it is this morning! Tonight, all roads lead to the @BasketMouth_ 100% show at the O2 arena – another proof that Maga No Need Pay! #
  • @temiladesesan & I are hanging out with @bankymoore, @kayodeafolabi. Discussing Nigeria, politics, Diaspora, etc. We need all hands on deck! #
  • Technology Times’ Outlook 2010 started in Lagos today, and you can follow the live webscast at #
  • Tomorrow @ #Outlook2010: ePayment, OEM & ICT Interest Groups’ forums. On Thursday, it’ll be Journalism/New Media, Internet & Web 2.0 forums #
  • Just read “Universities to get anti cyber crime and terrorism clubs” at #
  • #ngotools :: NGOConnect Africa provides a social workspace for NGOs and everyone that wants to engage with them. #
  • Hello Lagos! Back in time for the #Outlook2010 Web 2.0 Forum at MUSON Centre today. French aviation strike almost upset LHR-LOS flight plans #
  • The best time to plant a Web 2.0 tree in Nigeria was 5 years ago, but the next best time is now. Or lock in on a tree with desired fruit. #
  • Web 2.0 dots are connecting in Nigeria: actors, mainstream media, support opportunities, etc. BarCamp 2010 holds May 22… plan to be there! #
  • RT @pystar: @gbengasesan I definately would be there. How can one be a sponsor? :: Please contact Shittu @possicon or possicon[at] #
  • Attention #VentureCapitalists: There’s a lot of activity that should catch your attention in Nigeria. The best time to show interest is now! #
  • RT @naijawebgeek: Social Media Nigeria conference continues 2day, expecting @gbengasesan #smcnigeria Yinka Olaito on.. :: Web 2.0/Cybercrime #
  • Glad to know that @rotexonline, a changemaker with an impressive track record, is now Executive Director of Digital Peers International! #
  • Read a mail today that may signal the beginning of mainstream change action by Nigeria’s Generation Y. On point! Enough is enough, really! #
  • RT @Inonesaint: @gbengasesan … D nigerian waters need God in active form! :: God’s active form is you and I, the 70% who’ve been quiet! #
  • Just got off the phone with an graduate with keen interest in providing ushers/usherettes for events. Chei, I love what we do! #
  • The ability to stay still and just breathe in the midst of pressures (news, work, learning drive, demands, responsibilities, etc) is golden! #
  • Almost at the airport for one of those trips I can’t wait to see it’s end. 3 connections, all within West Africa 🙁 We need a good regional! #
  • OBJ is on this flight to Accra. The politician that he is, he walked down the aisle bowing to everyone, as if to say: I’m sorry about Yardie #

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