Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • To others across the world who see today as another opportunity to reaffirm their love to those who matter most to them, happy #Valentine’s #
  • Watching Valentine’s Day with Temi. Not sure I’ve seen a cinema room this packed. It’d better be worth losing our usual back row seat #
  • has anounced a call for new applications. Help spread the word so we can have more role models like Esther #
  • Now that Lagos radio/TV stations have Maga No Need Pay CDs/VCDs, please call in and request for the song/video. Update on other cities soon. #
  • We will commend the Nigerian telecommunications’ industry regulator, NCC, for using twitter after @NgComCommission posts much-needed tweets. #
  • The world is listening. First, it was the ‘Paris Loves Maga No Need Pay’ video. This Wednesday, we discuss MISSPIN on Radio Australia Today! #
  • 2010 brings lots of collaboration and competition to the Nigerian Web 2.0 space. Lovely! Check vs #
  • New online gaming experience with a difference, Evoke is a crash course in changing the world! See More details soon #
  • To gain momentum, identify future prospects, we engage in focused discussions on Nigeria’s Web 2.0 space at Outlook 2010. #
  • Discussing the #MISSPIN campaign with Phil Kafcaloudes on Radio Australia Today right now. Just played Maga No Need Pay! #
  • He asked his mentor, “What’s your eMail address sir?” “,” he replied. “Can you please spell ‘underscore’ sir?” #
  • Speaking at the Engineers Without Borders Research Conference at the Royal Academy of Engineering today. @temiladesesan speaking too. #EWBUK #
  • Listening to some students discuss their research into the use of mud bricks and wondering again about research-practice disconnects. #EWBUK #
  • Everyone on my panel is talking about research in various African countries. Very welcome, but African actors need to take the driver’s seat #
  • London loves ‘Maga No Need Pay’. Just showed the audience the VCD and will hand out few copies. BTW, buzz if you saw the video on Silverbird #
  • #lightupnigeria today! See advocacy video: Spread the word. No be like dis e suppose be! Abeg RT #
  • Work hard. Make your life count. Let your sphere of influence feel your impact. But also, make sure you take breaks to reconnect with life. #

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