Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

  • Why is Virgin Atlantic quoting $419 for this flight? Well, I’m sure it’s safe to pay for it 🙂 Abeg o, Maga No Need Pay! #
  • Just saw this response to the #MNNP video: Paris loves ‘Maga No Need Pay’! Visit #MISSPIN #BLING #
  • Paris loves your work, @cobhamsasuquo @bankyw @mi_abaga @omawumi @rooftopmcs @wordsmith234 @kemiadetiba @bezidakula #MNNP #
  • We know there are problems but also know we’re the solution! We can give the same excuses but we’ll not. Maga No Need Pay #
  • Exceprt from Yahoo! News on Nigeria: “I don’t need no maga – just work harder,” raps Nigerian-American artist Banky W. #
  • What effect will a combination of positive peer pressure, pop culture, technical know-how and career opportunities have on cybecrime actors? #
  • Just had an interesting discussion with a good friend and the conclusion is that social change may not be easy, but every effort is worth it #
  • Gets more interesting, Aondoakaa calls in, and Soyinka will join Amanpour shortly. RT @rosanwo: On CNN now , Amanpour discusses Nigeria. #
  • On CNN now: Soyinka discusses Nigeria, Yar’adua and “those behind this sinister bizarre game” after Aondoakaa’s live lies on TV #SaveNigeria #
  • For 2010, Engineers Without Borders (UK) is hosting an eConference alongside the Feb. 19 Research Conference in London. #
  • Sending off ‘Maga No Need Pay’ audio CDs to radio DJs today. Please contact if you can help spread the message! #MNNP #
  • Looking for changemakers in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi & Niger state to coordinate ‘Watching Party’/distribution of free ‘Maga No Need Pay’ VCDs #
  • Concluding #MNNP VCD distribution plans. Lagos and regional Nigerian cities locked down. Some US cities almost in. Great news about London! #
  • Book For Immediate Sale: Microsoft Official Course #2780B (Managing a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database). Serious enquiries only, please. #
  • The hundreds of Nigerians (and friends of Nigeria) who will be at the BasketMouth 100% show in London (February 21) may get free #MNNP VCDs! #
  • What’re you doing Feb 25? Meet Naija’s Web 2.0 entrepreneurs at Outlook 2010. Free #MNNP VCDs for 250 students with ID. #
  • Discussing the model @ EWB-UK Research Conference in London on February 19. To join the online conference: #
  • Hi Nottingham! After tomorrow’s offline day, @temiladesesan and I will both be speaking at the EWBUK research conference. #

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