Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • I love it when people use celebrity power to rally around a social cause! @MI_Abaga, one of Jos’ best exports, walks in: #
  • On my way to join other Nigerian #Ashoka Fellows at a meeting I’ve been looking forward to. Then in 2 hours, it’ll be time to see the video! #
  • Just previewed the ‘Maga No Need Pay’ video directed by @kemiadetiba and I can tell you this: you will love what you see. Quality + Content! #
  • The Future Pre-Awards conference holds February 6! Visit to get all the latest information. #irepresentnaija #
  • One of those days again today: early start, some stress, TV show recording, unexpected delays BUT a great work day, thanks to the PIN team! #
  • If you’re in #Abuja today, Congress Hall of the Hilton is where to be at 5pm. That’s where the ‘Maga No Need Pay’ video will be presented! #
  • At the airport with Cobhams, Rooftop MCs, Dr. Seyi, Bez, Shabach and Wordsmith. Leaving for the launch in Abuja shortly. Maga no need pay! #
  • Is the fact that #abaversion is trending (high up @ number 6) on twitter a true test of the potential popularity of Nigerian content online? #
  • Waiting for you guys downstairs, and the food is not #abaversion RT @Sokleva: @gbengasesan @MrFixNigeria Food oooooooo!!!! #
  • Exciting launch! Learn more about the #MISSPIN project at and watch the ‘Maga No Need Pay’ video at #
  • Text MAGA to +2347026702053 or visit to download free Maga No Need Pay ringtone. Standard charges apply. Thanks @takinbo! #
  • NOT true. See RT @Drogba_Fan: Is the FG really paying these Naija artists N2m each to make that “Maga no need Pay” song? #
  • Paid for by Microsoft, as part of the #MISSPIN project. RT @rosanwo: @gbengasesan so whos footing the bill to make the Maga no need pay song #
  • Help spread the word about the song and video ( too. RT @Drogba_Fan: @gbengasesan Thanks for the info, a bit of a relief. #
  • Wow! 100 minutes of life-changing conversation with my new mentor. This more than makes up for the missed meeting opportunity. Thanks N! #
  • Just left Vision FM 92.1 Abuja where we had an interesting discussion! They’re playing the song ( on air shortly #MISSPIN #
  • Read Microsoft’s Tim Cranton’s article titled “Maga No Need Pay: Nigeria Gets Creative to Fight Cyber Scams” at #MISSPIN #
  • For the ‘Maga No Need Pay’ song, video, ringtone and campaign information, please see updated project page @ #
  • The now-popular memo, by Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Communication, has people talking: Hmmmm… #SaveNigeria #
  • Hello Nigeria! This video’s for all who go out of their way to add value in a system that often makes you ask why bother. #
  • #LightUpNigeria #BLING #MISSPIN #SaveNigeria #NewNigeria #Various_Projects. Bring something to the table and there’ll be food in the house! #
  • Hello World! You’ve probably heard a number of things about young Nigerians but this is what we really are: enterprising! #
  • @BillGates @aplusk @Oprah @kingsthings @AshokaTweets Young Nigerians tell a new story in a new video against cybercrime! #
  • @234next @vanguardngrnews @MobilePunch @cnnbrk @bbc Young Nigerians tell a new story in a new video against cybercrime! #
  • Today in Nigeria: #LightUpNigeria campaign hosts video shoot in Lagos. The Future Pre-Award Conference holds. Anambra people go to the polls #
  • Leaving the #LightUpNigeria video shoot for The Future Pre-Award Conference. People are doing great stuff to weave a New Nigeria! Et tous? #
  • See Nigeria like you’ve never seen it before! RT @talkwithfunmi: @gbengasesan Catch Talk With Funmi Sunday Feb 7 on Africa Magic at 7pm. #

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