Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Amazing how young Nigerians lend huge support to worthy causes. Today’s ‘Maga No Need Pay’ video shoot was exceptional! Twale, @mrfixnigeria #
  • Great listening to Taiwo and Esther ( graduates) tell their stories in a new documentary on PIN’s partnership with Microsoft! #
  • RT Thanks for your huge support bro! Enjoy the week. @Plumbtifex: @gbengasesan Drops by to Salute! #
  • Opportunity is when someone offers to become your mentor and you’ll be visiting his exact city on another side of the world in only 4 days! #
  • Did they have to wait so long? #SaveNigeria RT @234next: Abuja/Nigeria – Senate asks president to formally transfer power to Vice President #
  • Data becomes information! Writing a paper on the ‘Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians’ based on survey results from 1,142 respondents. #
  • Technology to the rescue? Looking for anyone traveling from New York on Sunday, January 31, and arriving Lagos on Monday, February 1. Thanks #
  • I get 1,272kbps for free (bundled with cable TV) in the UK but pay £64 for 151kbps in Nigeria. 2010 still the year of broadband for Nigeria? #
  • For those who have been asking what to do instead of making maga pay, check out, for example. #MISSPIN #
  • On February 6, #Anambra state’s registered voters will elect a new governor. Everyone should vote, it’s the least you can do to #SaveNigeria #
  • I can’t wait! Can’t it be tomorrow already? RT @kemiadetiba: Watching the MAGA NO NEED PAY video on my laptop over and over again!! 😀 #
  • @DTChangeAgent 🙂 As translated by @temiladesesan ‘Maga No Need Pay’ means ‘You needn’t swindle an unsuspecting victim online to make money’ in reply to DTChangeAgent #
  • A (wo)man who can’t define his/her career objective(s) has no advantage over those without a career. Why do I do what I do? What is success? #

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