Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • It’s a wrap, and that’s what I call an awesome 2-in-1: Temi’s birthday and our first wedding anniversary. Let Year 2 begin! #
  • “Gold is often found in slums. This is a slum, and we are the gold in it.” – Olayinka Taiwo, graduate. Read #
  • #Lagos stands up to say ‘Enough is Enough’ to suffering and smiling on Thursday Jan 21. 10am @ Archbishop Vinning Church, GRA. #SaveNigeria #
  • The Nigerian ‘middle class’ has mastered the art of suffering in silence, aka ‘fixing my own issues’. Silence kills, speak up! #SaveNigeria #
  • Read the text of the live broadcast, “Understanding Why We Marched on January 12,” by Dr. Tunde Bakare at #SaveNigeria #
  • Interesting day! Early flight arrival, successful #SaveNigeria rally, great meeting with PIN partner, reduced project pressure. Let’s do it! #
  • Thanks to @234next, you can watch this 11-minute video of the #SaveNigeria ‘Enough is Enough’ rally. BTW, where’s #NLC? #
  • 01 461 07 77 RT @kemiadetiba: Who has Air France Lagos office number. Abeg Asap!! #
  • I hope Mr. VP knows that when he assumes the role of President, he’ll have to work double-hard. Nigerians are now awake. Enough is Enough! #
  • Tweeting from the venue of the #MISSPIN #BLING video shoot for ‘Maga No Need Pay’. @kemiadetiba is preparing @bankyw for the second shoot #
  • “Maga no need pay / They call me Mr. Capable, I gat my self-respect / I don’t need no maga, just work harder now” Tell them @bankyw #MISSPIN #
  • @rooftopmcs @sokleva in the house! “All those wey maga pay, wey dem dey today? I get paid for my time, don’t need to scam a dime!” #MISSPIN #
  • And here comes the woman who made ythe #
  • Enters the ‘Executive Producer’, Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola, Microsoft Citizenship Lead. She helped transform the proposal into this. #MISSPIN #
  • RT @Sokleva: We’ve @BankyW @kemiadetiba @rooftopmcs @gbengasesan @MrFixNigeria Wordsmith @ Rehab 4d Video Shoot! Maga no need pay: Tell ’em! #
  • @kemiadetiba directing! @rooftopmcs, @sokleva on the ‘roof’ top now. “I don’t mess with cybercrimes, but I make the cypher rhyme.” #MISSPIN #
  • Video shoot moves to QuestionMark studios in VI. @omawumi is in the studio, working with @kemiadetiba to prepare for the cameras. #MISSPIN #
  • Great to see you at work, and thanks for making this happen! RT @kemiadetiba: Wrap for first day of shoot!! #
  • Yipee! We’ve nearly doubled our target of 1,000 respondents for the ‘Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians’ survey. Now to the analysis! #

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