Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

  • Read my new blog post, “A Bill in Time Saves (Cyber) Crime!” at Nigeria needs cybercrime legislation now #
  • The end of travel as we used to know it! Add the new regulations to tough connections, 20-day visa waits, etc, and you have Travel -2.0. Hmm #
  • Truth hurts, but pain is good for any healing process! RT @the_anke: Wow RT@OoTheNigerian: This is huge, please listen. #
  • @rooftopmcs Because some second world countries claim to be first world while the rest are rated as third world by the first world countries in reply to rooftopmcs #
  • 5 years ago, you’d call knowing what’s on people’s minds impossible. Now, that’s what Facebook status and tweets do. Impossible is nothing! #
  • Seriously, where is our (Nigeria’s) president? The Foreign Affairs minister’s response to BBC’s Will Ross was quite …. #
  • RT @SocialEarth: Win a 2010 Global Social Benefit Incubator Scholarship and Improve Your Social Enterprise (for Free) #

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