The Humour of Preparation and Opportunities

Happy New Year

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year? My last words last year in this space included a promise to make my December 30 presentation available… Please feel free to download and read Where Are You: Positioning You for Personal Development, Nation Building and Global Competitiveness.

When the story of Youth and ICTs in Nigeria will be told, one name will sure stand out — Shina Badaru. With many other media mentors of young people that dot the Nigerian Information Society space, he keeps pumping energy into the space through cutting-edge news items and will never shy away from any opportunity to inspire young people. I walked into his office earlier today to pick up some copies of Technology Times since the Lagos Digital Village (along with some other young people) now enjoy free subscription. He was working the phones as usual, and you will not blame me if I say that I heard him talk about many of the things that may just shape the year in terms of ICTs and Nigeria — distruptive technologies, unified licencing, and more.

There are many highlights of my visit, including my new book — The Google Story. After ordering the three books I was going to start the year with (A Whole New Mind — Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age; Culture Matters; and Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists), I had scheduled The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media and Technology Success of Our Time with other books (like The Book of Life — a collection of autobiographies; and Travel the World) for the end of January. But as I picked the book and told the story of the book I was presently reading (and how I had the book on my shopping list), Egbon Shina said, “you’re lucky that I’ve not written my name on it, you can have it”. Well, I have always argued that Luck = Preparation + Opportunity — and this goes to show that again. Talk about preparation and opportunities… but that is not the juice in the story 🙂

Now to the real story behind the humour of preparation and opportunities. While planning 2006-15, I had hinted that I would do a lot of writing and research, which of course speaks of more books and publications — including the climax which would be my autobiography. By 2015, I will be two years shy of 40, but the plan is to begin work on the autobiography at 35, and possibly conclude at 38 (in 2015) so I can focus on some advanced planning for the second phase of my life (post-40). Well, it so happens that egbon (who happens to be the Founder/Editor of Technology Times) invited me to consider a weekly column in the foremost ICT newspaper, aka Newspaper of the Nigerian ICT Sector. Opportunities like this could sweep you off your feet, but God bless the word called “preparation”. Before leaving his office, I shared three articles that I had written for such opportunities (and was actually thinking of sending to media houses for possible publication). While I continue putting final touches to what the name of the column will be (or do you want to eMail or SMS an idea to me?), may I invite you to watch out for the physical expression of my blogging spirit. I remain with you online, but for Nigerians who are subscribed to Technology Times, I’ll see you offline!

Mmmmmm… the humour of preparation and opportunities. Happy New Year…?

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