Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09

  • The #NewNigeria chat starts in 17 minutes! Follow the hashtag to participate ( Topic is SHIFT! Pls RT #
  • The #NewNigeria chat is starting now! Follow the hashtag to participate ( Topic is SHIFT! Pls RT. #
  • We’re discussing “SHIFT!” Now that we know the many problems, what things can we do to create fundamental SHIFTS in Nigeria? #NewNigeria #
  • @jedidiahsos, I think we should borrow from mathematics and start from ‘known’ to ‘unknown’. We’d start from what we CAN do NOW #NewNigeria #
  • Care to shed more light, @jedidiahsos? It’s also important for everyone to add value beginning with their area of expertise. #NewNigeria #
  • Welcome @allismiling, @imab. Now that we know the many problems, what things can we do to create fundamental SHIFTS in Nigeria? #NewNigeria #
  • Do you think we can achieve critical mass using channels like this? There’s a parallel physical meeting holding weekly in Lagos #NewNigeria #
  • Thanks for joining in, @oyebisi, @rosanwo, @abiolaalabi @naijand @eolutosin. We’re discussing the much-needed ‘SHIFT!’ #NewNigeria #
  • Thanks @rosanwo, we’re very connected with the daily, weekly, monthly, physical meetings hosted by #NewNigeria Club. We’ll exchange notes. #
  • Welcome @kstuntmedia. @oyebisi, August 12 will be a good avenue, we need that and as many more as possible. Any plans? #NewNigeria #
  • Meanwhile the journey towards 2011 is on. We must mobilise for registration, verification, voting, monitoring, postelection, etc #NewNigeria #
  • Physical meeting on, just read from @deoluakinyemi. Notes from FaceBook: ‘Reaching out to young Nigerias is not the problem but DEDICATION’ #
  • FB: … in trying to profer solutions we must first have knowledge on how to deal with specific problems. #NewNigeria #
  • Frm FB: For instance, what does the law or constitution say about Power (electricity). Does this make sense. #NewNigeria #
  • FB: Our first step would be arming ourselves with copies of the constitution.Protecting ourselves from sabotage via knowledge. #NewNigeria #
  • Welcome @AlexUmole. May I propose that we continue discussions even after the 1-hour group discussion each Sunday at 4pm? #NewNigeria #
  • Please keep the hashtag, #NewNigeria, in your posts on this topic at any time. We’ll compile and discuss further on August 9 @ 1500 GMT #
  • @eolutosin, it appears the central issue we’re looking at now is the need to ‘SHIFT’ from the many problems. Kick-starting today #NewNigeria #
  • Thanks, @rosanwo. It’s 4pm Nigerian time or 3pm GMT. Hope it’s not too late in Ukraine? #NewNigeria #
  • @AlexUmole, we may need all those meanings at this stage 🙂 Things have gone really awry and we must create a fundamental shift! #NewNigeria #
  • True, @abiolaalabi. Let me try to summarise take-aways from today’s chat: (1) Need for critical mass (2) Realistic progress #NewNigeria #
  • #NewNigeria: (3) Being role models ourselves (4) August 12 idea (5) Identify problems and profer solutions (6) Determination and sacrifice #
  • And on a lighter note, courtesy of @AlexUmole: we need to have ‘Fight to Finish’ (F2F) meetings! LOL. #NewNigeria #
  • The chat continues but we’ll take it from our summary and discussion outcomes from the offline Lagos meeting same time next week #NewNigeria #
  • Thanks @allismiling @imab @jedidiahsos @naijand @oyebisi @rosanwo @abiolaalabi @kstuntmedia @alexumole @eolutosin and all… #NewNigeria #
  • @oyebisi, Lagos meetings is holding on the 3rd floor of 71 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, today. #NewNigeria #
  • Voting starts tomorrow, please help PIN win $5k for in Champions of Quality Education in Africa competition. #
  • RT @AshokaTweets: Remember #SocEntChat is tomorrow at a diff time: 12-2pm US Eastern. Topic is Rural Development in Africa & India. Pls … #
  •’s homepage has a welcome message for their returning employees, Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Nice, really nice! #
  • PIN’s Q1 & Q2 updates are avaliable @ & Remember to vote @ today! #
  • @temiladesesan, welcome to twitter #
  • It’s my first time on #SocEntChat. I’m ‘Gbenga Sesan, an Ashoka Fellow from Nigeria. I look forward to the discussion – interesting topic #
  • RT @AshokaTech: It’s #SocEntChat time! :: Interesting discussion on Rural Development in India and Africa (continent … #
  • @AshokaTweets I’m interested in what people consider the DRIVERS of rural innovation in India and African countries. Mobile would be one in reply to AshokaTweets #
  • The law of ‘technology demand’ and ‘expertise supply’ come to play in which countries see innovation advances. #SocEntChat #
  • There appears to be some form of disconnect between these two in certain countries, hence slowed activity in rural innovation #SocEntChat #
  • There’s the tendency that expertise is applied towards most profitable sectors while assuming that rural innovation lacks reward #SocEntChat #
  • Thanks @wilkristin, I’ll check that out. I’m very keen about the opportunities to bridge the gap between NEED and EXPERTISE #SocEntChat #
  • RT NGOs need 2 beware of temporary infrastructure solutions w/o offering communities means of upkeep: Ex: #Soc#
  • @ideas4africa True, the days of assuming that solution knowledge can do without local contextualization is over. Participation! #SocEntChat #
  • RT @temiladesesan: We have to be careful though that companies don’t involve local knowledge merely to validate their own ideas/plans #S#
  • @acarvin Same here Andy! I’m great. And you? It’s been ages… in reply to acarvin #
  • Vote for PIN’s in the Champions of Quality Education in Africa competition. Voting closes Aug 19. Thanks! #
  • “The hard drive always fails just before you were going to back it up.” – Denise Paolucci, Dreamwidth Studios via Help A Reporter Out (HARO) #
  • When next you have some minutes to spare, you should take a look at these pictures ( from the ISS. Photo credits: NASA. #
  • Vote for PIN’s in the ‘Champions of Quality Education in Africa’ competition. Voting closes Aug 19. Thanks! #
  • Just got off the phone with my sister. Great to know that University of Ilorin has made Digital Literacy compulsory before graduation! #MDLC #

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