Special December!

The last few years...   The next few years are calling...

I have always been a fan of December. 😉 During this month, I get to reveiew my plan for the year, improve on plans for the next year and more… but this December is special!

In 1999, when I discovered that I had a few semesters left in the university, I decided to conduct a self-audit (didn’t know about SWOT analysis then, but what I did was close to a SWOT analysis) in order to be sure of what the next few years would hold. I started drafting what became ‘Gbenga Sesan: Strategic Management Plan 2000-2005, and it has matured over the years to become a seven-stanza poem referred to as my Personal Mission Statement (of course, borrowing the phrase from none other than Steven R. Covey).

Last year, I had the cause to look at some of the things I planned to accomplish by 2005 and discovered that, somehow, I was ahead of the plan — and of course, behind in some areas too. This December (during a 3- to 5-day holiday at an undisclosed location with a few friends), I will be revisiting the full documentation of the 2000-2005 plan. I can already smile at some of the things I planned for post-2005 that are already in place. One of such was www.gbengasesan.com — I had hoped to save enough money to start the website this year.

On Sunday, February 22, 2002 (at 22:58), a gentleman by the name Tokunbo Kuti (of KekHost Inc.) wrote:

From: “Tokunboh Kuti” View Contact Details View Contact Details
To: gbengasesan@yahoo.com
CC: “Media/Sales/Technical Team”
Subject: Web Development Project
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:58:17 -0500

Hello Gbenga,
My name is Tokunboh Kuti (Bros to you), I heard a lot about you concerning your keen interest in Internet Technologies such as Web Development, Consultation, Programming, HTML Coding, etc. Congratulations on your recent achivements.
Recently I was surfing the Internet and ran into your Website- http://nigerianwebmaster.tripod.com/default.htm, what a nice work. I also noticed that you do not have a Domain Name (web address) you can call your own; consequently, as our contribution to your development, our company has decided to purchase a Domain Name for you, how does GBENGASESAN.INFO, GBENGASESAN.NET, or GBENGASESAN.COM sound to you? Forward your choice to me as soon as possible that is if you are interested.

We will also host the site for you free of charge. We will encourage you to redesign your site to give your Visitors another look when you move to the new site. As the saying goes, new house new look.

On behalf of KEK Technology Inc. (www.siftthru.net), I say congratulations and keep up the good work.


Olatokunboh Kuti

The rest of the story is now history — being told by www.gbengasesan.com.

Beyond the website, I will also be looking at other areas that were touched by the plan — my dedication to God, my family (not my parents’) ;-), my education (what next after this MSc), career (ahem) ;-), book projects for 2006 (“Global Process, Local Reality is a fore-runner… watch out), and more… As the year comes to an end, I am beginning to put final touches to the next phase as defined by what I was tempted to call “Strategy 2015” (borrowing from the Global Knowledge Partnership this time). This also explains why I’m pouring my energy into the task of lending my energy to raising the next generation of young Nigerians who will not only join the train but will take the delivery steps further. On the 20th of December, a number of youth leaders and I would meet in Lagos to discuss what I’ve always referred to as Peer Energy (from the acronym PNRG — Personal Development, Nation Building, Regional Cooperation and Global Participation), as showcased at www.gbengasesan.com/pnrg.htm.

Enjoy the holidays, but do not be like them that live life as it comes. Remember, the whole world will step aside for a (wo)man who has an idea of where (s)he is going!

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