So That You Know…

Yesterday evening, we got a taste of Nollywood in Tunis — at Avenue de Liberte.

We were on our way to a meeting put together by the Heinrich Boll Foundation, and hosted by Tunisia-based Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates (ATFD) at 67 Aveneude la Liberte, Tunis.

Arriving the venue of the meeting, we saw a group of people who stood at the entrance of the hotel and when we tried to make our way into the building, they kept telling us (in French and Arabic) that we could not go into the building. It became clear after a while that they were policemen (though most were not in their uniforms) who were bent on keeping us (everyone who was not in the building already) out of the meeting.

We made our way into the mall opposite the building just to try and gain access, but they were right behind us. Some little pushing (not so much) and raised voices made it clear that we had to make a call to Olga (WSIS coordinator for HBF) who came downstairs and tried to get us into the building, but … your guess is as good as mine. We had to leave for El Hana, and kept wondering if we were being followed 🙂

It was unbelievable and quite interesting! I would have tried to take a picture or two but my battery was flat (actually, truth is I wasn’t sure it was smart to try taking a picture at that time 🙂 I hope to keep the good news of WSIS coming — after this “so that you know” time out.

I’m at El Hana lobby at the Telecenters’ Leaders Forum (hosted by, waiting for the next bus to the Kram where the “whole show” will assume a “rocky” dimension today, as we’ll be hosting delegates to a “show” tagged Nigeria Rocks! at 4pm today. Copies of the book and a few T-shirts will make their way into the hands of guests. See you at the Youth Pavilion at 4pm!

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