See the Youth Pavilion and smile…

Youth Caucus Pavilion

After a few minutes of moving things around, the Youth Pavilion now has the look it had on computer screens ahead of today. With the help of quite a number of young people, the Youth Pavilion is already taking the shape of a major attraction around here. A number of meetings will hold here over the next few days, including the “Nigeria Rocks!” session that will hold between 4pm and 5pm on the 15th.

Get Ready...

Its great to see old friends again, and to meet a few folks I’ve always spoken with online. Now, email addresses and faces are matching… while I’m beginning to look forward to what may just be a grand reunion of young people who have taken bold steps in moving ICTs from the meeting rooms to the “ends of the earth”. The colour of the pavilion is fast getting richer as the exhibition of national campaigns, art works, and more are being put up!

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