Welcome to Tunisia!

Nigeria Rocks!

We left for the airport at about 7pm in two cars and 8 bags. The six of us (Edward Popoola, Deolu Ashaye, Tope Soremi, Timi Kenekayoro and Cyrus Olutayo) had one clear mission — to participate in the WSIS II meeting in Tunis as witnesses to the fact that “great things do come out of Nigeria”. Armed with the materials that would help tell the “Nigeria Rocks!” story in Tunis, we had an early check-in (that afforded the opportunity of ordering food from a location outside the airport without the fear of missing the flight). We met seven other Nigerians at the airport, and were all on the same flight 🙂

We arrived Tripoli before the first cock would crow, and spent time doing various things before it was time to join the flight to Tunis. During that period, myself, Deolu and Tope had an amazing discussion (whose results will soon be announced) with none other than one of Nigeria’s leading lights in the Internet Services Industry, Mr. Lanre Ajayi. We discussed the need to “upgrade” our advocacy tactics in order to increase efficiency, reward mechanisms and visibility. We saw the “Nigeria Rocks!” documentary together at the airport, and we were all once again prout to be Nigerians… believe me, its not just a slogan. Nigeria truly rocks!

Nigeria Rocks!

While waiting for the boarding announcement for the Tunis-bound flight, we had countless discussions on almost every topic under the earth — and I can recall listening to everyone speak from vantage positions. Honestly, Nigeria is blessed with Human Capital! We arrived Tunis at about 8pm local time and went straight ahead to sort out registration and accommodation issues. I finally settled down to sleep at about 2am after admiring the beautiful scenery from my room (which the receptionist didn’t waste time to recommend as “a great room with a view”).

This morning, we had a brief meeting at El Hana (where there’s wireless access at the lobby, so the blogs would at least be regular — and with pictures from the city’s beautiful view from you-know-where) to discuss strategies around the “Nigeria Rocks!” session, and other duties that will be of great importance while we represent Nigeria’s interest here in Tunis. Of course, you can be sure that I re-read a copy of the book, “Global Process, Local Reality” this morning (just before breakfast), and also took my time to go through the latest annual report from Junior Achievement of Nigeria — and I have a few copies here with me. Interested? See me 😉

Nigeria Rocks!

We arrived at the Kram (central location for the series of meetings that will hold in the next few days) a few minutes ago and you can be sure that after discovering that the room for the resumed PrepCom wouldn’t be able to accommodate anyone, we made our way to this interesting room — and the picture can tell the rest of the story. Talk to you again soon… but I’m just suddenly wondering if the next few days will bring smiles to the faces of nations and people who live in rural areas in Africa (and others). Well, whatever the entire process says in the next few days, we remain committed to the ideals of transforming words into action, and telling the true story of how the Information Society should be — a society that meets the needs of the PEOPLE.

Did I hear you say it… you’re right. Nigeria Rocks!

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