What If?

What if…
FaceBook is the World Intelligence Agency’s way of listening in to our many conversations;
Mobile phones carry embedded chips that track our movements;
Cash cards help the Big One monitor our spending habits;
Every move on the internet is blind-copied to the Central Database;
All blog posts are scrutinized to confirm our writing patterns.

What if…
One day soon,
We will all wake up,
To find all our privacy gone,
And our secrets exploited by the WIA.

What if…
Your last eMail about that country affected your visa application;
The last call from an “unknown” number was to re-establish connection with your “servers”;
A silly comment on your wall was placed there by a special agent to confirm your anticipated reaction.

What if…
That car you saw behind you those two different times was carrying a cross-atlantic transmitter;
Your passwords, PIN numbers and access codes make up your Global Unique Identification Number for citizens under surveillance.

What if…
Your favourite movies’ list has just been discussed by the experts on neuropsychoanalysis.

What if this happens to be a true warning?

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