Call for Applications: Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria (ISSPIN) “Ambassadors”

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria is glad to announce the call for Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria (ISSPIN) “Ambassadors”.

The challenge of making the internet as safe as possible is often treated lightly by many individuals, corporations, governments and other establishments in developing economies like Nigeria; hence the need to raise awareness through a social campaign that involves sensitization workshops in selected schools, a one-day event and deliberate follow-up project. Through the support of Microsoft Nigeria and other partners, the social campaign will direct the spotlight to the issue of internet safety while also providing a platform for other stakeholders to work together. The expected outcomes for ISSPIN include sensitization workshops in 3 pre-selected schools across Nigeria (in Anambra, Ondo and Sokoto states); a one-day event that will draw attention to the issue of internet safety; and a follow up project that will help young people find alternative positive and lucrative use of their internet-related knowledge. More information about ISSPIN is available at

PIN will select twelve (12) youth to serve as 2008/9 ISSPIN “Ambassadors”. These “ambassadors” must have the following qualities:
– Strong visible interest in ICTs;
– History of committment to social good, as demonstrated by previous involvements; and
– Their association with the ISSPIN brand will add value to the nation-wide tour, event and project.

The selected ISSPIN “Ambassadors” will be expected to do the following:
– Support the initiative by spreading the word among their networks and volunteer at events held in/close to their community;
– Be available at the ISSPIN event on October 25, 2008 (IVs will be made available); and
– Willing to participate actively in the post-event project (including leading certain aspects of the project in their communities).

To qualify, applicants must send their current resume and a 200-word essay demonstrating their interest in ICTs, showcasing their work with young people and highlighting their role as a model to other young Nigerians. All essays must be received before 11:59pm on Friday, September 12 2008, and sent to info[at] with the subject: “Application: ISSPIN Ambassador.” Selected ISSPIN “Ambassadors” will be announced on Thursday, September 18 2008 and (while their assignments begin immediately,) they will be decorated on the red carpet of the ISSPIN event at Planet One on October 25 2008.

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