ChallengeIT Camp 2008!

This will interest you… I love it when people give back!

Hi, my name is Doyin Ijiwola. I am an IT consultant with Orange Computers Ltd, a company I started with a friend in 2005 and I would like to tell you about my passion for you. At a young age I had the opportunity to learn computer skills and I have worked on projects both in Nigeria and abroad. Though I do not have a formal computer education, I only spent 2 days at a computer school I have evolved into a professional over the years. I have the privilege of working with Companies like Heidelberg Nigeria Limited, Toyota Nigeria Limited, International Press Center, World University Chess Championship (I designed the logo for the 2006 edition held in Nigeria), Supermartine Nigeria , Freedom House, House5, Planet one entertainment and many more.

Recently, my friends and I came together to give back to the society what the society has given to us, we are bring you challenge IT. ChallengeIT is a project aimed at discovering and developing the next generation of IT professionals, with our limited resource we have put together a training camp to connect aspiring IT professionals with peers and mentors. I discovered over the year that two things made me the professional I am today; peers that challenge me to learn harder and mentors that point the way to go. It is my belief that this same process will develop the next generation of IT professionals.

What is ChallengeIT?
It is an information technology camp for senior secondary school students and post secondary students who are not above eighteen years old. At the camp trainers from Europe, Asia and Nigeria will teach various aspects of Information Technology. There are several distinguished IT professionals that have promise to be at the camp to give seminars and give mentorship to students.

How do you pay?
It is my dream that no student be denied the opportunity to be at the camp because of financial consideration, hence we have gone to a great length to secure funds from corporate sponsors to cover the expenses of the camp. For every student coming to camp the bill has been paid.

If I don’t make it to camp?
As much as we love to train every interested student we do not have the resources to training everybody at the camp but we have gone a length further to provide students with an interactive CD that contain.

Every registered student is an automatic member of our virtual online training portal that we will launch after the camp. I am looking forward to seeing you at the camp.


Doyin Ijiwola
Executive Director

Office Line: 234-1-7926150
Mobile: 07030849309, 08034543639, 08064029595,08035195873

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