It was 3:45pm on July 28, 2002. I was at my aunt’s place in Ibafo and all I had on my mind was just the word: waiting. It feels that way again; I’m waiting…


Hurdles to cross
Limits to break
People to please?
One life to live.

A dark alley
Tempest in the head
Floods in the mind…
And the promise of a light.

Disappointed dependants
Excuse for expectation
One life to live…
And the promise of a light.

With hands clasped
And heads bowed
A mind shut from every noise
I listen for that little…

The dawn of a new day
Heralded by some great news
With enough potential
To clear the hurdles.

Waiting to have my head lifted
Hands spread in praise
And a clear mind…
Declaring the appearance of light.

One deed I desire
Of Him who sees the past
But knows the future…
Lead the way.

Light up my life
Let joy flow unlimited
Let expectations be brightened
And celebration unfold.

I wait to see
The day of the light
When darkness will fall
And the bubble will burst!

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