Discussing Science and Technology with Students

How better can one honour a man who provided the atmosphere that encouraged the passionate pursuit of excellence? It’s my dad’s birthday today, and I thought agreeing to share thoughts with students of the College of Science and Technology at Covenant University (one of Nigeria’s private universities) was a good way to extend what he helped me get. Arriving at about 1:45pm, the warm welcome helped to get rid of the frustration that crawled out of the car with me (no thanks to traffic situation from Lagos to Ota).

It was the usual student conference atmosphere but one that made me remember Electronic Week 2001, which I helped plan while I was a student at the Obafemi Awolowo University. My participation at the Tech Week 2008 is now past (and you can get the presentation I made here) but I was excited to know that the students will be exhibiting their projects almost all day tomorrow. In a country where students have become experts at copy and paste, it is only exciting to hear that the problem I posed to the group had actually been solved — and the students will demonstrate the solution (taming traffic issues through ICT applications) tomorrow.

One of the major highlights of the day was when the professor who made a presentation ahead of me asked a few questions (after I took my seat) and we discovered he was my uncle! Discussing with the students provided another opportunity for me to bare my mind about the role of young people in any nation’s development, especially in places where the government is busy looking for the budget (duh, it must be somewhere between the Executive and Legislative chambers) or blaming everyone possible for the increasingly embarrassing power (actually, the lack of it) situation. I look forward to the other meetings I have with students in other locations…

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