Passion + Anger + Resources = Sustainable Change?

In the last 24 hours, I’ve been involved in discussions with three people that seem to share two things I have in abundance — passion and anger! I have known Ndidi much longer than the other two and we’ve always tried to put a “name” to the mutual interest we seem to “feel” around our spaces. She introduced me to Bolaji who I’ve only met twice but I wonder why we never crossed paths before now. Tayo explained the whole scenario through Greek wisdom (add the fact that he’s reading a “Chinese” book and you’ll understand why we clicked at once!) I must have met Tayo at one of the JCI events because that was our first kick-off.

Beginning with what was a rare expression of schock that I agreed to attend an interview, I ended yesterday looking through (and pondering) tons of text from conversations I’ve had with Ndidi all along. This morning, we all sat (well, at times passion got one or two on their feet) in Bolaji’s impressive office discussing the core of my passion — using ICTs to improve the lives of Nigeria’s youth! The fact that I’m reading Nassim Taleb’s “The Black Swan” isn’t even helping the rate at which my mind is arranging the series of events. What was obvious in that room was passion and anger, plus the huge opportunity to connect with much-needed resources. Bring all these elements together and you get change. Pour the track record of the involved (and soon-to-be-involved) individuals and you get sustainable change. The time may just be now…

“What’s ‘Gbenga Sesan talking about?” Well, its one of those moments when one wants to watch what he says but he knows that something is about to burst forth — maybe faster than anyone may imagine. Bottom-line: Stay with your passion, don’t deny your anger (its fuel for REAL work) and don’t miss resource opportunities! As the three gurus (of their respective field) saw me off to the car (Tayo’s) that took me to the airport, I kept thinking about passion, anger, resources and sustainable (critical mass) change! I’m now on my way back from Owerri (via Port Harcourt) where I was speaking for the New Nigeria Club, and will be doing the same for the EFCC in Calabar next week (what’s it with me and Friday flights to the East)… but I look forward to the day when the reach will go beyond just the few thousands we can gather in one hall, but the tens of millions who need urgent help.

Is it that time?

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