A Blast From The Past

In the picture, from left: ‘Gbenga Sesan (no questions please!), Tope Soremi, Kayode Akanni; Back: Biola Sanni

In 2001, I served as the Chairman for the Class of 2001 of ECU Final Year Students at the Obafemi Awolowo University. While sorting materials for the BIG project, I came across a note I had written for the Class VCD… interesting! Here goes:

“Innocent and simple
   With much knowledge so little
The journey began through the prime road
   Into this citadel of learning and culture.

The thrill of the almost-3-km stretch
   Of beauties of nature
And a taste of the state-of-the-art architecture
   Welcomed us all into Great Ife.

Fellowships clamoured for your attention
   â€œParapo”, the boyz, Student union
And even old pals
   Seemed to know it all.

Remember that young man
   Who was so nice and kind …
Don’t ever forget the photographer
   Who snapped you in your matriculation gown.

The race began
   And on it went …
From Ajose to Health Sciences
   And later it was ODLT.

The journey of a thousand miles
   Always ends in one day
And I perceive
   That another journey is ended.

The curtains are drawn
   And the whole world waits
To see you perform
   Based on your tutelage and acquired skills.

Don’t forget the friends you made
   Remember to forget the hitches
But don’t forget to remember
   The moments that made you smile.

Step onto the stage
   And do what you can
For He who has brought us this far
   Would not leave us alone.

The curtains are drawn
   And you are under the spot light
Beyond the walls of this ivory tower
   Right into the belly of this cosmos.

The strength to act
   And the act of strength
Are known to Him who alone is mighty
   And He will reveal His might.

The curtains are drawn
   And there’s no hiding place
Dare to perform with a difference …
   Be sure His strength will not fail.”

© ‘Gbenga Sesan 2001

Class of 2001, we’ve chosen to go BEYOND THE WALLS. Taking the journey beyond every limitation in every sphere of our endeavours is a decision borne out of the need for self discovery and appreciation, consciousness of global relevance and of course, a responsibility towards our nation, Nigeria and fulfilling your role in the body of Christ.

Please stay in touch and know that we need one another, it’s called Synergism for greater impact.

To all those who made the Class an unforgettable experience, I doff my hat! Cool Off, Sesewa, Pepper soup nite, Thursday meetings, Seminars, Congress, Exco meetings, Dinner, Sendforth, and of course, the Erin Ijesha experience will all remain as indelible marks in our memories as we remain grateful to the various chairmen and committee members. Dotun Tawose, Bimpe Omoyele, Ogemdi Ike, Nike Aladejare , Leke, KK, Bisi, you guys made it less stressful. Titi Akinsanmi, Segun Feyisetan, Tope Soremi, Seyi Olawunmi, Biola Sanni and Deolu Ashaye (and all those who worked with their various committees), you made my dreams come true. And to my friend who did eFYB, Yomi Fasalojo, your mails and constant questions about what a’ gwan helped build some accountability. See you when you slot the final ring into Nike’s hands. And to Deji Bolorunduro, we hope to hear from you soon.

Class of 2001, please remember to keep in touch with ECU because your life history will not be complete without a mention of this house; Pray and give pay. See you guys …

‘Gbenga Sesan
Chairman, Class of 2001 (Beyond the Walls)
Evangelical Christian Union
Obafemi Awolowo University

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