What Are You Doing This New Week?

Is it just me, or is the February 1 date another reminder of how fast new years grow old? February is always a special month, and 2008 is no exception. Yesterday, the NiPRO “Top 40 Under 40 Women” event held at the Ball Room of Eko Hotel – and I met up with Peter Wilson of African Leadership Institute, much later in the day, for some key discussions on leadership issues in Africa. From Tuesday, February 5 to Friday, February 8, the week is packed with events celebrating the life of an achiever, and the things he stands for. Prof. Pat Utomi does not only speak about the need for value-based leadership, he exemplifies it. The weeklong series of events also include the announcement of the Pat Utomi Book Prize, and a new Social Enterprise award. Details of the week’s events follow…

(a) Tuesday, February 5: Launch of the CVL Springboard for Persons with Disabilities and 1st Empowerment Workshop
Theme: “Productivity in Your Abilities”
Venue: Eko FM Multipurpose Hall
Time: 10am

(b) Wednesday, February 6: CVL Annual Lecture
Theme: “Nigeria in the New World Order: Dreams & Challenges”
Venue: AGIP Recital Hall, MUSON Centre
Time: 10am

(c) Thursday, February 7: CVL Rural Economic Advancement Program (REAP) Symposium
Theme: “Rural Economic Empowerment in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects”
Venue: CIBN Auditorium, Victoria Island
Time: 10am

(d) Friday, February 8: 4th Widows’ Support Centre Annual Lecture
Theme: “The Hope of the Widow in our World Today”
Venue: CIBN Auditorium, Victoria Island
Time: 10am

These events do not only provide an opportunity to learn, but they will bring each person to the place of renewing (or resuming) our commitment to helping others live better lives. The tempting thought is to wait until you can comfortably support with a fat cheque, or when you can set up a foundation, but reality is that the best time to act is now. See you next week!

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