Where Will You Be on October 1, 2007?

The years preceding the return of democracy in Nigeria presented the picture of a country in decline. Nigeria barely existed as a geographical space. There was a gross absence of political cohesion. The only instrument that seemed to bind the country was the economy and occasionally the game of football.

Every department depended on the economy, which was run solely on sales from crude oil. Very little thought was spared for the country and her future generations. There was little or no concern for the economy, in terms of allowing it to regenerate itself. It suffered all manner of plundering, leaving it fallow and unattractive.

There was decay in government agencies and parastatals. Public utilities such as NEPA, railway, airways, refineries, steel companies and others were operated without any hope for the future. Leaders who foisted themselves on the people, turned out to be looters of public treasury, thus making nonsense of the idea of a country thereby staining the Green-White-Green flag of the nation.

The Way forward

The need for a paradigm shift necessitated the idea of a national seminar/ talk shop to contribute to national development, to discuss and suggest ways out of the comatose described above, ‘Jide Adeyemi, a young passionate Nigerian, saw the need and took the lead by initiating the Dirty-Green-White-Green talk shop.The seminar that will bring together young and old Nigerians under the same roof to discuss the Nigerian Project. The project communique will be sent to goverment quaters and published in national dailies.

Speakers Include:
Charles O’Tudor- Rebranding Nigeria
‘Gbenga Sesan- A New Nigeria
Sunday Folayan- Opportunities in Nigeria
Adeolu Akinyemi- Living the Nigerian Dream
Bayo Adeoshun- Marketing Nigeria
Jide Adeyemi- Redeeming the Dirty Green White Green

Date- 1st October, 2007
Venue- O’jez Restauarant Hall, National Stadium, Surulere, LAGOS
Time- 9.00 am prompt (as in 9 for 9am)

Special Recognition of Mr Taiwo Akinkunmi (The man that designed the Nigerian Flag)
Mr Akinkunmi who had remained a hero without honour in spite of his contribution to the branding of the nation through his design that was accepted as the national flag. He will be at the event to receive an award for contribution to national development.

Entertainment- To pep up the event in the mood of the 47th independence anniversary, their will also be music + comedy.

See you on on independence day in an attire with a shade of green and white.

God Bless Nigeria!


‘Jide Adeyemi

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