Safety on the Net

After discovering that mobile phones and cameras won’t be allowed into the venue of the forum (for security reasons, maybe), the first session started on a great note. Opening remarks by one youth representative from each region, a brief one by the first Egyptian to reach the summit of Mount Everest, a wonderful piece of art, a brief rousing speech by Suzanne Mubarak and a dynamic young host made the opening session really exciting. It was great to see Lisa, an ITU Youth Fellow, talking about the role of ICTs in positive peace (following some research work we did — along with 10 other youth from 9 other countries — in 2005).

I’m now at one of the breakout sessions, the one that focuses on “Safety on the Net.” It must be a topic quite close to Mrs Mubarak’s heart because she’s here — even though there are 2 other parallel sessions. A multilingual video is presently showcasing what young people think about the Internet — opportunities, problems, etc.

My session starts after lunch but if you’re not here in Sharm, you can download (or read) here.

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