Another Good Day…

Today was another major milestone in my quest for support for young Nigerians in the area of ICT Entrepreneurship. It was the launchig of the Nigeria Internet Group’s Internet for Jobs (I4J) Initiative, and also the announcement of the Youth ICT Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable (YIER). While I4J is a multistakeholder partnership that will connect young ICT entrepreneurs with business support (through a rigorous screening process after a soon-to-be-announced call for proposals), the YIER will build staying power for I4J. YIER provides an opportunity for youth to take advantage of the Internet (and allied tools) for value (and job) creation and it will hold up to twice weekly (with each session for about 20 young people who will share ideas, network and ask questions about ICT entrepreneurship). Anyone can walk into the NIG Secretariat (7, Olayinka Bamgbose Street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja) to register at least one week ahead of the next YIER session and the monthly reports from the weekly sessions will be analyzed to answer questions, advise on opportunities, etc.

Today ended with a very promising discussion that may see me dedicating some of my next 2-3 months to providing in-house consulting support for a leading institution in Nigeria that believes in what I hold dearly — Youth ICT Entrepreneurship! Actually, the day is yet to end because I need to spend some time thinking through my presentation at the Undergraduate Business conference (UBC) in Enugu. I’m extremely excited about the two-part event (holding in Enugu on July 14 and Lagos on July 21) for many reasons: the fact that it touches on the entrepreneurship need, the fact that its outside Lagos (a lot of people have been asking for out-of-Lagos empowerment opportunities and here’s one — more to come), and the fact that I’ll escape Lagos for a few days. I love Lagos, I miss her when I’m away … but there are times I just want to breathe fresh air from another location 🙂

By the way, a copy of my presentation at the event (Another Road: Nigerian Youth and ICT Entrepreneurship) is available on request — until I’m able to upload it during my next website update.

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