My Life: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I have always believed that everyone’s life is defined by the complex relationship between three (3) days — yesterday, today and tomorrow — but I saw a unique expression of this reality today. At 4:30pm, on my way from a symbol of my past and with a friend whose presence was a sure expression of my present realities, I took a step that could influence the rest of my life.

Walking through the same path I used to walk daily between February 1989 and June 1994 was quite an experience, with the present principal of the school showing us what the present state of the school is. After the guided tour, a few others (ex-students of the school) gathered in the school’s staff room and we discussed the future. And when it was time to leave, reality dawned on me that as an individual, a future need was yet to be met. The unique opportunity of “coming from the past” provided an opportunity to ask a key question about the future. Just like any other question with no assured answer, I know not what the answer will be but I remain confident that the meeting between yesterday, today and tomorrow could pretty-much define the story of my life.

4:30pm. October 2, 2006. Between FGC Idoani and Lagos.

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