Back At Home, and Seeking Blog Proteges

Doing what he knows best ;-)

It’s 3:02 am and the setting is very different from what I have become used to in the last five-or-so years. The television (and its entire family of electronic gadgets) is a few meters away, with a flower vase and two picture frames gracefully set within the space. There are two large crafted hand-fans hanging on the wall and the only sound (outside the ones from the birds outside in the dark) that assures me of not being alone is the fan. My cousin is asleep, and all my folks are out for the weekend. It is a pleasure to be back at home; though not the same house where I grew up (we’ve since moved through four different locations) but with the same feeling of home. Is it the heat in Lagos that makes the difference, or there’s just something about home that makes home home?

This week has been really busy for me (as if others have been any different) but I had to admit the fact in the word busy sometime on Thursday — that was about the peak. In this one week, I have taken care of Lagos business at the Digital Village, attended the inaugural meeting of the Presidential Task Force on ICT Harmonization, facilitated three sessions with young people in Akure, shared thoughts with secondary school students in Agbor… it’s been an almost endless week, with the entire space dotted with multiple lines of text written from primary source interviews, secondary data and literature review for the ongoing research exercises. Being back at home has had its own effect on me — calming my nerves, as I walk through the house with a deep sense of gratitude for the lessons I learnt from Mr. J. O. and Mrs. D. B. Sesan!

The last four months of the year — from what my calendar says — will be quite interesting, as I take many fronts of my involvements to the next level. I also hope to resume my frequent blogs, while also working at kickstarting a number of blogs that I have acquired domain names for. I will not be running the blogs myself, but will provide them as a platform for other young people to manage — learning actively while providing value. Call the eventual volunteers my Blog Proteges and you may not be too far from the truth. A few of the blog projects that I’m set to run with include, “If I Were Nigerian President,” “Mentorship Blog,” “Ideas MarketPlace,” “ICT Opportunity Pot,” and “Nollywood Today.” If you (or anyone you know) will be interested in running with any of these blog projects, or need more information, let me know…

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