Exploring e-Advocacy and Technology Use by Civil Society in Nigeria

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I am presently involved in a research effort that focuses on the status of technology use for advocacy purposes by civil society in Nigeria. Doe to the broad definition of civil society, I have chosen to look at specific institutions, including community-based organisations, faith-based organisations, independent media, non-governmental organisatons, social enterprises, labour groups, student/youth groups, professional groups, women groups, special interest groups and political groups.

For the first phase of the research, I need to get some information about civil society organisations, and I have set up a questionnaire page that will only take 12 minutes to complete. Please visit www.gbengasesan.com/eadvocacy.htm to complete the questionnaire, as you contribute to the depth and accuracy of the research exercise. I will be glad to provide more information, should you require such. Please use the reply button (if you’re reading this via eMail), the comment link if you’re reading this on my blog, or use the guestbook if you’re reading this on my website.

Thank you!

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