What Are You Doing On August 4 and 5, 2006?

Meet the future...

Peer eNeRGy Class of 2005 presents Peer eNeRGy 2006!

Peer eNeRGy is the pronunciation of the acronym, PNRG, which stands for Personal Development, Nation Building, Regional Cooperation and Global Participation. It is sad to note that, today, many young people move on in life as “still births” – dead on delivery, unable to cope with the expectations of the New Economy, and as green horns joining the mass labour market at the mercy of employers. Striving at the base of the pyramid, much of today’s youth stand the risk of being frustrated after years of training within the four walls of our tertiary institutions… but it should not be so! True, dynamic global precedence is not in conformity with the present level of preparation young Nigerians are exposed to. We need to take the bull by the horns and carve a path for ourselves within our chosen career sphere.

The Peer eNeRGy Class of 2005 invites you to join the team of 50 young people who will participate in this year’s edition of the intellectual and action-laden feast! With objectives that will help connect you with an enviable life, this year’s Peer eNeRGy sessions will be facilitated by Deolu Akinyemi (www.deoluakinyemi.com), ‘Gbenga Sesan (www.gbengasesan.com) and Niyi Adesanya (www.thefifthgear.com)!

Peer eNeRGy 2006‘s objectives include:

  • Preparing youth for personal, national and international leadership challenges – and creating awareness for the new leadership paradigm;
  • Discussing the incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in everyday activities in meeting personal, national, regional and international needs;
  • Encouraging the self-simulation, even in the face of limitations, of a conducive environment that encourages youth empowerment and development;
  • Activating the interest of young people to engage the new factors of production – knowledge and technology – for Nigeria and Africa;
  • Securing the future of Nigeria through appropriate and strategic positioning within the sphere of the individual’s competencies;
  • Creating an environment for mutual engagement towards sustainable action; and
  • X-raying international meetings – opportunities, challenges and required preparation – and their role in the move from personal development to global relevance.

At the end of the 2-day seminar, participants will meet with two of Nigeria’s best in the area of mentorship, while also enjoying continued personal development communication with the facilitators. Event details follow:

Date: 4th – 5th August, 2006
Venue: Lagos Travel Inn, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos
Time: 0900 daily
Requirements: 300-word essay on “A New Nigeria” and =N= 6,000 participation fee
Additional Informtion: ‘Gbenga Adeyemo, 0805 747 05 62

Sgd: Peer eNeRGy Class of 2005

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