re·pent1 (r-pnt)
[v. re·pent·ed, re·pent·ing, re·pents]
Greek root word: metaneo (also in English, metamorphosis)

1. To go through a radical change, like caterpillar to butterfly … or frog to prince

2. To turn about (illustrate by walking one direction and turning 180o about)

Turn Around Your Life... 180 Degrees!

Stop for a second…

Are you living the way you should? As a professional, don’t you think you should stop subjecting yourself to the 9-to-5 (6-to-10 if you include time spent in traffic) cycle? Would you be glad to own or work on a job that combines your passion with visible reward? As a student, don’t you think it’s high time you got off the CPF (cram-pass-forget) train and prepare yourself for an enviable career?

You need to REPENT and start Living Your Dreams… From the same guys who brought you 180 Degrees on Worker’s Day 2006, here’s a whole personal 180 Degrees experience! Training programs (registration is on), 180 Degrees Reloaded, 180 Degrees on Your Campus, and lots more…

Log on to for all the details…

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