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TODA Meeting in Vancouver

This year’s TODA Institute researcher’s international conference has the theme, Alliance of Civilizations for Global Peace: Human Security, Regional Conflict, and Global Governance , and will end tomorrow in Vancouver, Canada. It has been an impressive series of meetings involving researchers from various countries an working on various teams. This year, there are five research themes working on Digital Bridges, Regional Cooperation, Food Security, Peace Journalism, and Development & Human Security — and I guess you have a fair idea of which team I belong to. 😉

TODA Meeting in Vancouver

Our research team happens to parade the most innocent (a great way of speaking of age and experience in positive terms) compared to the others who mostly have an interesting array of academic combination of prefixes and suffixes (the most popular is Prof.) with their names. But this doesn’t reduce the quality of work in any way, and it has nothing to do with the fact that two of the team members will begin work on their PhD research in the next few months. There are ten of us, and we come from 11 different countries — Israel, Finland, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Macedonia, Pakistan, Nepal and Nigeria. The research, titled Building Bridges for Digital Opportunities: ICT and Youth Partnership for Human Development, will address various aspects of the relationship between ICTs and Human Development in the various countries or regions we represent.

TODA Meeting in Vancouver

The final joint session is on at the moment, and work still continues after now but later tonight, most of the researchers will attempt being funny and creative outside research findings through various presentations at the talent hunt. I have been listed for a presentation, and while the thought of what to do (some have asked me to sing but they sure don’t know what they’re asking for) doesn’t bother me so much, I look forward to the possibility of catching some interesting shots that can brigthen up my album which increasingly seems to be made up of pictures from seminars and landscapes viewed from airplanes alone!

TODA Meeting in Vancouver

For the research, which will cover a period of about one year, I will seek to answer the following questions for my own section of the team’s work, especially as it relates to Social Return on Investment in the Nigerian ICT space:

  • What is the exact relationship between ICT investments (1999 – 2005) and the national Human Development Index?
  • What is the economic cost of cybercrime (as an example of a “leak”) in ICT investment — and what can be done about it?
  • What role will young Nigerians play in the connection between Nigeria’s ICT4D Strategy and Human Development?

I will be glad to hear from those who may wish to share thoughts on these questions even as I continue to develop the research framework further. Gracias!

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