Nigeria: Pardon for GEJ’s former oga at the top…

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, granted Presidential Pardon to his former Oga At The Top, and one of his aides was quick to shift the blame to the Council of State. Well, here’s what the constitution says. And more…

2013 Cyber Dialogue Conference. And Blogs You Should Read!

The Cyber Dialogue conference, presented by the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, convenes an influential mix of global leaders from government, civil society, academia and private enterprise to participate in a series of facilitated public plenary conversations and working groups around cyberspace security and governance.

Governance without Government in Cyberspace?

As cyberspace continues its rapid growth, embedding itself deeper into everything around us and helping to shape our identities, the models, norms, rules, and principles which have until now governed the US-anchored Internet are coming under stress. As cyber demographics shift to the global South and East, alternative models are being developed outside of the Internet’s old North Atlantic core. New rules and norms are spreading as practices grow and diversify. How to govern cyberspace in our intensely globalized world has become an acute public policy issue, for us all.

In the third annual Cyber Dialogue, participants will address questions around the theme of “Governance without Government in Cyberspace?” Phrased deliberately as an open question, we shall interrogate what are the proper roles and limits for public and private authority in cyberspace across a range of fundamental issues. What power can states, private companies, and civil society exercise in this domain? What is the appropriate balance of power among the increasingly diverse set of cyber stakeholders, from the local to the global? Who, and whose values, will set the stage for the future of cyberspace governance? What are the checks and balances?

Blog Posts (from leading experts)

Facing the costs of an open Internet – by Karl Kathuria

Democratic state surveillance, transparency and trust – by Andrew Clement

Against Hypocrisy: Updating Export Controls for the Digital Age – by Danielle Kehl and Tim Maurer

Watching the Watchers: A Role for the ITU in the Internet Age – by Jonathon W. Penney

WCIT-12: The Shadow at Evening rising – by Alexander Klimburg

Hacking back, signaling, and state-society relations – by Adam Segal

Arms Trade as Analogy – by James Lewis

Global Governance and Cyberspace: Fortresses or Oases? – by Paul Meyer

A Scene from the Road to Cyber Governance: The Budapest Cyberspace Conference – by Roger Hurwitz

Culled from the 2013 Cyber Dialogue Conference website.