Nigeria’s Telecom Revolution: August 2010 Figures, and Analysis

New figures from Nigeria’s telecom regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), for August 2010 reveal that 74.4% of Nigeria’s connected phone lines are active. Even though Nigerian operators report 110,147,519 connected lines for all Mobile (GSM and CDMA) and Fixed Wired/Wireless lines, only 81,931,223 are active.

Looking at the figures, there are 95,718,928 connected Mobile (GSM) lines, 11,706,269 connected Mobile (CDMA)lines and 2,722,322 Fixed Wired/Wireless lines. There are 74,074,793 active Mobile (GSM) lines, 6,616,457 active Mobile (CDMA) lines and 1,239,973 active Fixed Wired/Wireless lines.

In terms of growth, relative to July 2010 figures, connected lines show GSM (4.52%), CDMA (1.48%), Fixed Wired/Wireless (0.52%) while active lines grew as follows: GSM (1.79%), CDMA (-1.16%), Fixed Wired/Wireless (3.64%). Teledensity, based on active lines, grew 0.90% over July 2010 figures.

Maybe one striking percentage will be that of CDMA growth, -1.16%, which shows that while people are subscribing more (1.48% growth in August over July figures), there were actually less active CDMA lines in August, compared to July 2010. Is this a one-time decline, or should the CDMA operators be worried?

Could this be because GSM operators are crashing call costs or because CDMA service providers are giving away too many free phone gifts that recipients don’t use? Whatever the answer is, one thing is certain about telecom adoption in Nigeria: continued month-on-month growth and a teledensity of 58.52% point to business opportunities!

Nigeria's Connected Lines

Nigeria's Connected Lines

Nigeria's Active Lines

Nigeria's Active Lines

Nigeria's Teledensity

Nigeria's Teledensity

#NigeriaDecides Tech Meetup

We will have a tech meetup to brainstorm towards the 2011 elections in Nigeria.

We’ll have a morning brainstorming session, working lunch, afternoon strategy session and then we move discussions online with possible meetups down the road.

For AM brainstorming, we willd look at general tech use for 2011: Why? What?

Then for the PM strategy session, we’ll discuss: How? Who? When?

The venue is Centre for Information Technology and Systems, University of Lagos.

For registration, visit

IYPF 2.0: We Need You! – AGM Announcement and Call for Nominations of Directors

The IYPF’s Board of Directors are excited to announce today, on the IYPF’s 9th birthday (4th October 2010), the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the organisation, and a call for IYPF members to nominate for election to the IYPF Board at the AGM.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday 7th December online via skype (or equivalent technology). Further details on how to register to attend, the agenda, and all other information will be communicated to our stakeholders on Tuesday 9th November.

One of the key items of business at the AGM will be to elect a new Board of Directors. This is an important step in putting in place the new leadership IYPF needs as part of its regeneration and renewal towards a vibrant future (as communicated to you back in June).

This is your opportunity to nominate for election to the Board to lead the organisation and bring your enthusiasm, ideas and energy to renew and transform the IYPF over the next 2 years.

The IYPF Board of Directors governs the organisation, determines strategy and direction, and oversees its operations. You can read more on the position here

If you are a self driven, passionate young professional and leading the development of the IYPF over the next two years appeals to your sense of purpose and adventure, please download the nomination form here and submit the completed form to iypf [at]

Nominations are due no later than Wednesday 3rd November 2010.

If you are not already a member – a prerequisite for being a Director – you can become a member online today here If you are uncertain of your membership status, please contact us via iypf [at]

Any questions or issues can be directed to iypf [at], including any requests to chat with current Directors about their experience, views, etc.

Yours sincerely,

The current IYPF Board of Directors

Greg Nelson, Connie Walyaro, ‘Gbenga Sesan, Cameron Neil

Time’s almost up! Register now for the 9th Global Conference on National Youth Service

Registration for the 9th Global Conference of the International Association for National Youth Service closes very soon! Register now to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn from and network with youth civic engagement professionals from around the world. The 9th Global Conference on National Youth Service will be held at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt from 25-27 October 2010. Hosted by IANYS Permanent Secretariat Innovations in Civic Participation, in partnership with the John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement at the American University in Cairo and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the IANYS Global Conference will feature specialized sessions, experienced speakers and unparalleled chances to learn from practitioners and policymakers worldwide.

Note: We have extended the registration deadline, but the discounted hotel rate in Alexandria is no longer guaranteed after 23 September 2010. Make sure to contact the Library regarding your booking by that date to ensure you receive the discounted rate. For additional logistical information, click here.

Unique Global Networking and Learning Opportunity
The IANYS 9th Global Conference is an excellent place to meet with experienced professionals in the field of youth civic engagement. The Conference promotes the discussion of experiences, resources and innovative practices among practitioners and policymakers across the globe. Attendees are expected from at least 30 countries, from Bermuda to Italy, Jordan to Namibia, and Pakistan to the Philippines(see the list on the left for many of the countries currently represented). Participants will include leaders of national youth service programs, practitioners working with young people through government and community-based programs and other experts on youth civic engagement.
Built into the conference agenda are plenary and breakout sessions designed to facilitate dialogue and learning as well as ample opportunities for reflection and networking. Through engaging sessions and networking opportunities, participants will have the chance to meet with other professionals, discuss youth civic engagement strategies and learn from varied experiences. Past conference participants have remarked on how valuable these networking opportunities have been for them:

The chance to talk to other persons, especially informally, outside of formal settings, has been especially important for me. To hear that person’s inputs as to their personal experience, it is critical.” – Therese James, Director, Barbados National Youth Service

The IANYS 8th Global Conference on National Youth Service in Paris in 2008 was an excellent experience for me. I learned a lot with the participants of this event, and it inspired me a profound reflection about the relationship between the concepts of service, volunteering, civic engagement and service-learning.” – Roser Battle, Centro Promotor Aprendizaje Servicio, Ashoka Fellow, Spain

Make sure to register soon so that you don’t miss this great opportunity to network with experienced professionals promoting youth civic engagement throughout the world.
More Details on the Informative and Interactive Sessions
We are pleased to announce more details for exciting conference plenary and breakout sessions. The 9th Global Conference will feature multi-session tracks focusing on the connection between youth civic engagement and employability and on youth service policy, as well as breakout sessions on topics ranging from how technology facilitates youth service and connects young people in learning and action to impact evaluation to service and social cohesion and more.

Global Conference participants will also have the opportunity to join site visits and case studies with community-based organizations in Alexandria. Attendees will hear from many engaging and informative speakers, including representatives from national youth service government programs; local, national and global organizations and educational institutions throughout the three days.

These interactive sessions will create a stimulating forum for participants to share information and current developments in the field, nurture connections for developing future projects, and discuss the potential for scaling up national youth service for greater impact on community and youth development. For more information regarding conference speakers and sessions, or to see the preliminary conference agenda, click here.

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