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Site features:
• Discussion categories such as energy, health, commodities, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and technology
• Business listings for African start-ups (brief profile free, in-depth profile paid) will be marketed to the U.S. investment and press communities.

The founders:
Deborah Nason
, MA, is a business journalist who has covered emerging African markets for many years for sites such as and Through, she wants to help change the public’s perceptions of the continent, and spread the word about the vitality and sophistication of Africa’s entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

Tim Anyasi is a Nigerian-born accountant and a serial entrepreneur, with special interest in the development of Africa. He believes strongly in the ability of the free market to move the continent out of it’s present predicament. Having spent the past decade in the West, Tim has gained a special insight into best practices and is committed to assisting African investors and entrepreneurs in moving to the next step.

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IYPF 2.0: We Need You!

Greetings from the Board of the International Young Professionals Foundation.

We’ve been silent for a while, but now we are back. Expect to hear from us more – and get ready to get involved!

For the IYPF, and for many in the world as a whole, the last year and a half has been rough. We were hit badly by the financial down turn. The last International Young Professionals Summit was held right at the start of the economic crash (August 2008) which made things very challenging for us. It had a dramatic effect on our finances. But in spite of these hard times, we are glad to have had the opportunity to add value and continue to contribute in small ways to creating a better world even in the face of global crisis.

Emerging from the last Young Professionals Summit (IYPS) and our reflections during these hard times, we are now looking at a new direction for IYPF.

We want to work with your – our members, stakeholders and network – to carve out a niche and do things that only we do, and we do them well.

Specifically, we see IYPF engaged in 3 activities:

(1) An annual International Young Professional of the Year award. It’s a big idea, challenging too, but the mechanics of an award are relatively easy to facilitate given our network and expertise. It’s something no one else is doing – and something we are well positioned to catalyse and run. As an initiative, it can focus our organisation and efforts, and highlight what YPs are doing around the world to create sustainable change and a better world

(2) Convening a regular International Young Professionals Summit to bring YPs together globally, perhaps every 3-4 years, with regional events convened in between times in partnership with other YP organisations.

(3) Educating and engaging YPs around the world on the Millennium Development Goals as the world pushes on the home stretch to 2015.

For more background to our thinking, see the Declaration from the last IYPS here.

As we strike out in defining our new direction and moving forward as an organisation and global network, we are looking for fresh leadership to be injected into IYPF.

Very soon we will be providing notice of our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At the AGM, we will be electing a new Board of Directors. We will receive nominations from those interested in serving on the Board and leading the organisation in to the future – start thinking about it nominating yourself now, or someone else you know who you think would do a great job.

A new Board is essential to IYPF’s future. New directors will bring fresh enthusiasm, ideas, and energy to develop and implement the new course for the organisation. The Board will be similar to an operational committee, with directors responsible for key areas of activity, as well as standard governance, strategy and compliance activities. We expect serving on the Board to require at a minimum 5 hours a week.

The call for nominations to the Board of Directors will come out to you all in the next month along with notice of the AGM.

Following the AGM and the new Board being formed, we will also be looking for new volunteer staff to help achieve the goals of the organisation and network. Stay tuned!

Yours in partnership for a better, more just and sustainable world for all,

The IYPF Board of Directors
Greg Nelson, Connie Walyaro, ‘Gbenga Sesan, Cameron Neil

NGOs join forces to train Ajegunle Youth

Ten talented Nigerian youth living in Ajegunle, a high density, low income neighbourhood in the sprawling Lagos metropolis, learned important life skills at a three day workshop organised by Communicating for Change (CFC), in partnership with LEAP Africa and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN).

CFC initiated the workshop as part of the process of filming three exceptional young women in a soon to be released documentary on the struggles of urban youth vis-a-vis achieving the millennium development goals.

The workshop focused on leadership skills taught by life coaches from LEAP Africa’s Youth Leadership Program, and computer and new media skills taught by trainers from Paradigm Initiative’s, an award winning grass roots project committed to teaching inner-city kids information technology skills.

The training was complemented by a mentoring session on how to run a small scale fashion enterprise by Bayo Adegbe, the CEO of Modela, one of Nigeria’s leading fashion houses, and a talk on business basics, by Chief Operating Officer Eniola Agbesoyin, of the Olive Micro-Finance Bank.

“Over the years we have seen the positive impact of training youth to connect to their inner selves, build self- confidence, set goals, take necessary risks, identify dream stoppers,  and manage their funds and resources,” said Mosun Layode, Executive Director of LEAP AFRICA, one of Nigeria’s exceptional youth empowerment organisations teaching young people to be change agents in their communities.

“Supporting CFC’s film production work by training under-served youths in Ajegunle is an important way of addressing our development challenges,” added ‘Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria,  a youth led technopreneurship organisation which started ICT training in Ajegunle two years ago by equipping young people to solve their problems through the creative use of technology.

The workshop was very cool and motivating”, commented twenty-four-year-old Thompson Ojeme who participated in the workshop. We have really learnt a lot. It has greatly helped us with our computer and leadership skills,” added nineteen-year-old Donatella Raymond, who said she enjoyed the session on goal setting.

CFC’s partnership with LEAP and PIN is a positive example of development communications, in which documenting African stories from a home-grown perspective, is coupled with capacity building and creating a platform for youth to be empowered through life skills training.

Besides focusing on film making, CFC regularly organises workshops on script writing and video story-telling, in an effort to teach media skills, reflect Nigerian youths amazing creativity, and give them a voice. “We are delighted to join forces with PIN and LEAP in ensuring that our dynamic youth have better chances at leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and creativity,” concluded Sandra Obiago, CFC’s Founding Executive Director.

The workshop was held from June 16-18, 2010 at CFC’s training centre, in Ikeja, Lagos.

STOP PRESS: Please download press statement from here.

EiE London Town Hall Meeting: Dial-A-Vote

EnoughisEnough Nigeria (EiE) is a global coalition of Nigerian youth and youth-led organisations, is to host the first of its Diasporan events in London, England. The London Town Hall Meeting will take place at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 50 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB on Monday, June 28 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. The EnoughisEnough Nigeria (EiE) coalition is a non-partisan movement working to mobilise ten million young Nigerians to participate in the 2011 General Elections. The growing network currently consists of over fifty organisations, with a collective individual membership of three hundred thousand young people. Membership is open to all young Nigerians worldwide.

The two-hour event titled “EiE London Town Hall Meeting: Dial-A-Vote” is part of EiE’s Voter Education campaign which consists of Town Hall Meetings across Nigeria’s six geo-political zones and Diasporan communities to generate interest in the electoral process and equip attendees to serve as impartial advocates within their local communities. During the London THM, we will be asking attendees to bring out their phones and international calling cards and call at least five contacts back home to share the importance of voting. There’s a surprise in store for 2 people who call the highest number of contacts to register.

According to a member of the coalition in the UK, Dayo Israel: “Although Nigerians abroad are unable to vote themselves, the purpose of the Diasporan Town Hall Meetings is to discuss how young Nigerians abroad can employ Technology and New Media in sensitising friends and family back home towards participating.” On the question of impartiality, the group’s interim Executive Secretary, Yemi Ademolekun said: “The coalition is independent. It does not and will not represent the interests of any political party or candidate. The coalition seeks to educate young Nigerians on the importance of voting and we will strive to stay true to that. We will not cross the line by suggesting who they should vote for.”

We will also formally unveil the beta version of our 2011 General Election portal, which will serve as a platform to provide unbiased voter information, encourage participation and collate verified election day data in real time based on location mapping.

Event details are as follows:
: Monday, 28 June 2010
: 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.
: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 50 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

Kindly RSVP to confirm attendance as seats are limited.

Mobile: 07897 892954 or 07529 657098

#RSVP: Register | Scrutinise | Vote | Protect

This event is supported by

Calling on Individuals and Youth Organisations to Formally Join the EnoughisEnough Coalition

EnoughisEnough Nigeria (EiE), founded in March 2010, is the largest coalition of Nigerian youth and youth-led organizations. Our goal is civic participation and, for the next one year, we are focused on mobilizing young Nigerians to influence the 2011 general elections by voting for credible candidates and protecting those votes.

We are a non-partisan movement, which means we are not aligned to any political party and not aligned to any political candidate.

We belong to every young Nigerian, and so every young Nigerian or Nigerian group is free to join this organization, with very few exceptions.

The organization functions as a loose coalition which executes its programmes through its member organizations spread across the country. This means that rather than impose programmes on the members of the coalitions, we work with them to to advise, support and empower them in the implementation of our programmes in their communities.

At the moment, we officially have at least 50 member organizations with a combined followership of over 300, 000 young Nigerians spread across the country. Our ambitious goal is to mobilize 10 million young people, cutting across religious, ethnic and socio-economic divides in the country to vote in the 2011 elections.

We are calling on youth organizations to formally register to be a part of this coalition to expand the impact, especially as we start Voter Education and Voter Mobilisation in rural and urban communities across the country. If you have participated in our rallies and other projects but have not been officially registered with us, we are also calling on you.

Guidelines for Organisations:
– Being a member means that you continue to work on your organisation’s projects and programmes but are part of this coalition to support its general goal of mobilizing and educating voters.
– You will be expected to help broadcast all EiE messages through your networks and to your members and get them involved in the projects as required.
– You must have a recognized office – organizations from outside Lagos or Abuja are especially encouraged to register.
– Diaspora organizations are also encouraged to join.
– You will be required to provide your organisation’s logo to identify you as a partner on our site and credit your organisation as a member of the coalition in our public communication.
– The coalition tries to concentrate on its central goal of mobilizing the youth vote, but if component organizations request specific support with projects that the Executive Board agrees upon, they will be considered.
– Organisations are permitted to be aligned with particular candidates; however they should note that under no circumstance will this coalition support individual parties or candidates. The coalition will not hesitate to call out and sanction any member organisation that attempts to mislead the public in this regard.
– If you know an organization that works at the grassroots level and does not have access to the internet, you can also nominate that organization and we shall contact you, or the organization, immediately.
– If you want to register with us, please send a one-page brief on your organisation and projects to info[at] and the Executive Board will review and get back to you with a decision within one week.
To ensure coordinating ahead of our Voter Education campaign, the deadline for the first round of registration of this particular campaign is June 30.

Please note that certain exceptions can be made for membership based on the Board’s discretion.

Individual Membership Guidelines
– If you are an individual and want to be registered with us so that you are part of the projects and can receive all the updates, please register on our website

Whatever you do, RSVP:
– Register
S – Scrutinise
V – Vote
P – Protect

EiE asks you to #RSVP in 2011: REGISTER! We can’t select for you, but you must SCRUTINIZE candidates. VOTE. PROTECT your vote. #EnoughisEnough

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Attend ‘The Alternative 2.0’ in Lagos

The Alternative 2.0

The Alternative 2.0

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria and Microsoft Nigeria are proud to announce The Alternative 2.0, the event that highlights the need for young Nigerians to redirect their energy – from cybercrime – towards positive online opportunities. The event is free and open to all, but you must RSVP through FaceBook or by eMail to info[at]

The event holds on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 10am (Green Carpet reception at 9am) at the Main Auditorium, University of Lagos. Featuring Cobhams Asuquo (producer, ‘Maga No Need Pay’), MI, Rooftop MCs, Modele, Bez, Wordsmith, Kemi Adetiba (director, ‘Maga No Need Pay’ video), Deolu Akinyemi (discussing Alternatives to Cybercrime) and Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani (award-winning author, I Do Not Come To You By Chance)!

We will provide updates on MISSPIN activities to date, announce new activities and thank the outgoing MISSPIN Ambassadors, the new Call for MISSPIN Ambassadors will be announced at the event. For more information, see flyers and watch out for the radio and TV adverts or visit

Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Main Auditorium, University of Lagos

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