Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Amazing how young Nigerians lend huge support to worthy causes. Today’s ‘Maga No Need Pay’ video shoot was exceptional! Twale, @mrfixnigeria #
  • Great listening to Taiwo and Esther ( graduates) tell their stories in a new documentary on PIN’s partnership with Microsoft! #
  • RT Thanks for your huge support bro! Enjoy the week. @Plumbtifex: @gbengasesan Drops by to Salute! #
  • Opportunity is when someone offers to become your mentor and you’ll be visiting his exact city on another side of the world in only 4 days! #
  • Did they have to wait so long? #SaveNigeria RT @234next: Abuja/Nigeria – Senate asks president to formally transfer power to Vice President #
  • Data becomes information! Writing a paper on the ‘Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians’ based on survey results from 1,142 respondents. #
  • Technology to the rescue? Looking for anyone traveling from New York on Sunday, January 31, and arriving Lagos on Monday, February 1. Thanks #
  • I get 1,272kbps for free (bundled with cable TV) in the UK but pay £64 for 151kbps in Nigeria. 2010 still the year of broadband for Nigeria? #
  • For those who have been asking what to do instead of making maga pay, check out, for example. #MISSPIN #
  • On February 6, #Anambra state’s registered voters will elect a new governor. Everyone should vote, it’s the least you can do to #SaveNigeria #
  • I can’t wait! Can’t it be tomorrow already? RT @kemiadetiba: Watching the MAGA NO NEED PAY video on my laptop over and over again!! 😀 #
  • @DTChangeAgent 🙂 As translated by @temiladesesan ‘Maga No Need Pay’ means ‘You needn’t swindle an unsuspecting victim online to make money’ in reply to DTChangeAgent #
  • A (wo)man who can’t define his/her career objective(s) has no advantage over those without a career. Why do I do what I do? What is success? #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • It’s a wrap, and that’s what I call an awesome 2-in-1: Temi’s birthday and our first wedding anniversary. Let Year 2 begin! #
  • “Gold is often found in slums. This is a slum, and we are the gold in it.” – Olayinka Taiwo, graduate. Read #
  • #Lagos stands up to say ‘Enough is Enough’ to suffering and smiling on Thursday Jan 21. 10am @ Archbishop Vinning Church, GRA. #SaveNigeria #
  • The Nigerian ‘middle class’ has mastered the art of suffering in silence, aka ‘fixing my own issues’. Silence kills, speak up! #SaveNigeria #
  • Read the text of the live broadcast, “Understanding Why We Marched on January 12,” by Dr. Tunde Bakare at #SaveNigeria #
  • Interesting day! Early flight arrival, successful #SaveNigeria rally, great meeting with PIN partner, reduced project pressure. Let’s do it! #
  • Thanks to @234next, you can watch this 11-minute video of the #SaveNigeria ‘Enough is Enough’ rally. BTW, where’s #NLC? #
  • 01 461 07 77 RT @kemiadetiba: Who has Air France Lagos office number. Abeg Asap!! #
  • I hope Mr. VP knows that when he assumes the role of President, he’ll have to work double-hard. Nigerians are now awake. Enough is Enough! #
  • Tweeting from the venue of the #MISSPIN #BLING video shoot for ‘Maga No Need Pay’. @kemiadetiba is preparing @bankyw for the second shoot #
  • “Maga no need pay / They call me Mr. Capable, I gat my self-respect / I don’t need no maga, just work harder now” Tell them @bankyw #MISSPIN #
  • @rooftopmcs @sokleva in the house! “All those wey maga pay, wey dem dey today? I get paid for my time, don’t need to scam a dime!” #MISSPIN #
  • And here comes the woman who made ythe #
  • Enters the ‘Executive Producer’, Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola, Microsoft Citizenship Lead. She helped transform the proposal into this. #MISSPIN #
  • RT @Sokleva: We’ve @BankyW @kemiadetiba @rooftopmcs @gbengasesan @MrFixNigeria Wordsmith @ Rehab 4d Video Shoot! Maga no need pay: Tell ’em! #
  • @kemiadetiba directing! @rooftopmcs, @sokleva on the ‘roof’ top now. “I don’t mess with cybercrimes, but I make the cypher rhyme.” #MISSPIN #
  • Video shoot moves to QuestionMark studios in VI. @omawumi is in the studio, working with @kemiadetiba to prepare for the cameras. #MISSPIN #
  • Great to see you at work, and thanks for making this happen! RT @kemiadetiba: Wrap for first day of shoot!! #
  • Yipee! We’ve nearly doubled our target of 1,000 respondents for the ‘Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians’ survey. Now to the analysis! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Tomorrow, Nigerians stands up for the future! If we look the other way as Nigeria sinks, our protected turf will soon collapse. #SaveNigeria #
  • Tomorrow, Nigerians stand up for the future! If we look the other way as Nigeria sinks, our protected turfs will soon collapse. #SaveNigeria #
  • Read my new blog post, “The End of Silence!”, at Silence is no longer golden. Let’s all #SaveNigeria #
  • First they came for the[m] and I did not speak out… Then they came for me… Silence is no longer golden! #SaveNigeria #
  • Really? Hmmm RT @bbcworld: Nigeria’s president, not seen since going into hospital in Saudi Arabia… tells the BBC… #
  • Nigerians say ‘Enough is Enough’ to Power Vacuum, Vacillation over Electoral Reforms, Terror-Tag on Nigerians and Corruption. #Save Nigeria #
  • Nigerians say ‘Enough is Enough’ to Power Vacuum, Vacillation over Electoral Reforms, Terror-Tag on Nigerians and Corruption. #SaveNigeria #
  • Just saw the #SaveNigeria protest on @CNN. Huge thanks to all those who made it happen. Silence is no longer golden, enough is enough! #
  • As we conclude data gathering for the ‘Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians’ survey, #PIN wishes to thank respondents. #
  • I wonder if Google is risking its 15% search market share in China, standing by its ‘Do No Evil’ mantra or just betting on ‘sympathy share’? #
  • NEXT is canvassing for 1M signatures to demand President Yar’adua prove he’s fit for office. I signed, you should. Pls RT #
  • Life’s a journey and who you choose to walk with matters. Thanks @temiladesesan for being my co-traveller. #

The End of Silence!

Goats are known to run from danger until they are cornered and have nowhere to run – at which time the only other option will be self defence. An endangered goat that is about to charge at the attacker will likely stamp a front foot to the ground, as if to say, “I know I can’t run into this wall, so you leave me with no option but to fight you since you have decided not to leave me alone.” For a nation of people that have been considered too resilient to respond by their long term rulers (in various manifestations), the series of actions that begin today, in Nigeria, may surprise usurpers more than the shock goat-chasers get when their erstwhile victim decides it’s time to stamp a front foot.

At 10am today (January 12), Nigerians will converge on the capital (Abuja) for what has been dubbed the Enough is Enough rally. The Save Nigeria Group has announced that the rally is against Power Vacuum in Nigeria, Vacillation over Electoral Reforms, Terror-Tag on Nigerians and Corruption in the Country. Beginning from the Unity Fountain, the walk will terminate at the National Assembly Complex in a rally whose speakers include Prof. Wole Soyinka, Dr. Tunde Bakare, Prof. Pat Utomi, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, Hon. Farouk Aliyu Adamu, Mr. Solomon Asemota (SAN), Dr. Tunji Braithwate, Hajiya Najatu Mohammed, Pastor Sarah Omakwu, Mr. Femi Falana, Hon. Olawale Oshun, Dr. Tunji Abayomi, Mrs. Ayo Obe, Mallam Naseer Kura, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, Hon. Uche Onyeogocha and others.

In a statement signed by Mr. Fred Agbeyegbe, Engr. Buba Galadima, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, Mallam Tanko Yunusa and Mallam Salihu Lukman, the group stated that the protest is against ten forms of poverty: Poverty of Ideas, Poverty of Performance, Poverty of Resource, Poverty of Hope, Poverty of Honor, Poverty of the Mind, Poverty of Regard, Poverty of Spirit, Poverty of Commerce and Poverty of Environment. “Nigeria can only know justice, peace and progress when her citizens will work for it. Join the campaign against the 10 Poverties,” the group announced.

Anyone following the news of current events in Nigeria, especially the grand deception around the president’s health and ability to lead the nation, would wonder how any of the now obvious scenarios could be possible in a place where 150 million people walk without handcuffs. A race for breaking news, citizen reactions to new (or confirmed) news, discussions (both online and offline) and shocking statements from government handlers have now become the trend. Imagine what s presidential spokesman said on Sunday, after the news of the president’s grave health was made public: “Of course the president is alive, he’s not even in an emergency situation. I am aware that the issue of his health has become a political weapon for some people, which is sad. But he is still at the King Fahd Hospital, and he is still being treated.”

I believe that this walk will lay a great foundation for events that will unfold across Nigeria as we march towards the 2011 elections, beginning with next month’s test in Anambra state. More than any other time in the history of Nigeria, this is not the time for anyone to look the other way and assume that deliberate efforts – in their various forms – are best left for activists. If you can’t join the walk in Abuja later today (unfortunately, I can’t do so myself owing to distance), borrow Nigeria your FaceBook status and Twitter messages by writing about the protest. “Nigerians say ‘Enough is Enough’ to Power Vacuum, Vacillation over Electoral Reforms, Terror-Tag on Nigerians and Corruption. #Save Nigeria” is exactly 139 characters and will work for any of the micro-blogging platforms.

Many look away because we are a nation of people who have learnt to provide for all their personal needs. When power fails, your inverter and generator kick in. You can’t remember if the phrase Water Corporation is something from your Nursery School storybook because you installed your own water bore hole. Did someone say security was on the government to do list? You have no idea because your monthly expenses include various security groups – from the ones at the gate of the estate, to the ones at the gate (at home and in the office), and the non-human guards you feed for the sole purpose of attacking those strangers. Basically, you have learnt to create what a mentor of mine called an island of sanity that you crawl into when the madness around you gets under your skin. Truth be told, that island gets eroded into everyday because you can’t completely shut out the scenario around you. Why do we all sleep behind bars – not prisons, but those various layers of security equipment – if the islands can truly stand?

At this time, I appreciate Pastor Martin Niemöller’s poem, First they came…, in which he summarises the story of inactive German intellectuals when the Nazi eliminated targets, group after group:

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out.

They have come for you! Even if for the sake of your own self preservation, do something. Another mentor of mine refers to that as Enlightened Self Interest. Think of your children who you’ll probably prefer to keep closer home now so they don’t get introduced to alien thoughts. Consider your investment in various sectors of our national life. Imagine how politically expedient it will be for you to align with the people’s desires ahead of your political plan declaration. Please, do something. Join the protest. Invite the media. Post a tweet. Tell the world through Facebook. Gather your staff in the conference room at 10am and ask each of them to consider Nigeria’s future in their everyday actions. Each of us has a part to play and when the cookie crumbles, you’ll have to answer the question: “What did you do when they came for the first group of helpless people?” Silence isn’t golden. If anything, it’s the end of silence!


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

  • Read my new blog post, “A Bill in Time Saves (Cyber) Crime!” at Nigeria needs cybercrime legislation now #
  • The end of travel as we used to know it! Add the new regulations to tough connections, 20-day visa waits, etc, and you have Travel -2.0. Hmm #
  • Truth hurts, but pain is good for any healing process! RT @the_anke: Wow RT@OoTheNigerian: This is huge, please listen. #
  • @rooftopmcs Because some second world countries claim to be first world while the rest are rated as third world by the first world countries in reply to rooftopmcs #
  • 5 years ago, you’d call knowing what’s on people’s minds impossible. Now, that’s what Facebook status and tweets do. Impossible is nothing! #
  • Seriously, where is our (Nigeria’s) president? The Foreign Affairs minister’s response to BBC’s Will Ross was quite …. #
  • RT @SocialEarth: Win a 2010 Global Social Benefit Incubator Scholarship and Improve Your Social Enterprise (for Free) #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03

  • Just saw Avatar with Temi! Excellent piece, no dull moment, budget well used and worth the hype. Tips: Watch in 3D, admire the credits! #
  • @MrFixNigeria You mean the beta version of the song? The real deal is being brewed, we’ll all have to wait till 2010. And add Modele 😉 in reply to MrFixNigeria #
  • Many things trigger a sense of national committment, but only a deliberate plan of (or association with) action delivers value. #NewNigeria #
  • “It matters not how strait the gate/How charged with punishments the scroll/I am the master of my fate/I am the captain of my soul”-W Henley #
  • Who said there are no jobs in Nigeria? With 2256 listed jobs and 600157 hits this December, be sure has a job for you! #
  • Transition to a new phase doesn’t take as much time as we often assume; it’s already 2010 in Kiribati ( Happy New Year! #
  • Read my new blog post, “It’s 3 Degrees Outside”, at You are the captain of your soul, Happy New Year #
  • Happy new year, #Nigeria! Those who act out the wrong script do not represent us, and in 2010, the true New Nigerians will #lightupnigeria! #
  • RT @Soundsultan: I want everybody to retweet dis to their followers #lightupnigeria anthem 2010 Sound Sultan ft M.I #
  • Read my new blog post, “It’s 3 Degrees Outside”, at You are the captain of your soul, Happy New Year #
  • “If you believe in something, keep at it… and who knows, you may just be right” – Prof Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate. #
  • Read my new blog post, “A Stitch in Time Saves (Cyber) Crime!” at Nigeria needs a cybercrime bill now! #
  • Read “A Bill in Time Saves (Cyber) Crime!” @ and sign the cybercrime bill petition @ #
  • FB RT: I signed the “Cybercrime Bill for Nigeria” petition! #9jacybil :: Thanks Adebowale, thanks for spreading the word. #
  • #Pres. Yar’adua, #VP Jonathan, #Sen. Mark, #Hon. Bankole, give #Nigeria a cybercrime bill (#9jacybil) in #2010! Pls RT! #
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A Bill in Time Saves (Cyber) Crime!

Nigeria hasn’t always been in the news for the reasons her stakeholders desire but recent events have even made the bash-Nigeria-at-the-earliest-opportunity situation worse. An absent president – whose kitchen cabinet assumes that tens of millions of citizens are too resilient to react – and his namesake – who went way beyond even the wildest of criminal imaginations to put his fellow citizens in a corner they loathe – are near the top of the but-why list. Add the fact that the US-based Internet Crime Complaint Centre will soon release its popular annual Internet Crime Report which may have Nigeria retaining its #3 position after only the US and the UK, and we have a product that not even a foolhardy sales(wo)man will like to sell.

I have answered tons of questions about why we should bother about Nigeria’s position on the list since “the nations that should know better are even ahead of us in this crime”, and I’ll provide some data to support my fear. Nigeria has 11 million internet users compared to the UK’s 47 million and the US’ 228 million. If we look at the global picture, 0.63% of global internet users reside in Nigeria, compared to 2.69% in the UK and 13% in the US. Throw in the bandwidth, power, customer service and socio-economic limitations that Nigerian internet users face and you would expect Nigeria to be very far away from that unexalted position on the list. That gives everyone a reason to worry – and that includes those who are acting to curb the problem and those who have become experts at playing the blame game.

Not one to shy away from discussing my involvements, I am glad that Paradigm Initiative Nigeria has been able to forge ahead with an age-long desire to add value in this space. In partnership with Microsoft, we are implementing a social campaign that seeks to redirect the energy of young Nigerians who are involved in the shameful vice towards virtuous ideals. The project website has some updates that you should see, and you may also have heard about the ongoing effort towards using popular culture to say a word or two about the issue. One of our project ambassadors, Ohimai Amaeze, took the pop culture approach desire a step higher with the B.L.I.N.G. project. In February, Microsoft will host a series of events to present the song (which is now in its last stage of production) and video to the public. While you hold your breath in anticipation of what the collaboration between Cobhams, Banky W, Modele, MI, Omawumi, Rooftops MCs, Bez and Wordsmith will bring, just whisper: Maga no need pay!

Maga no need pay

Two other key elements of the campaign are the rehabilitation program and policy advocacy. It is a shame that Nigeria does not have any legislation that addresses the issue of cybercrime head-on. I have followed the ongoing discussions since the establishment of the Nigerian Cybercrime Working Group and got a little excited when stakeholders gathered to discuss one of the bills at the National Assembly sometime last year but discussions don’t empower any institution (where relevant ones exist, that is) to tackle challenges properly. There are at least two different bills making their way through the nation’s legislative chambers and I look forward to the day that one of them will become law that we can go to sleep knowing an efficient agency will take care of. The Cyber Security and Data Protection Agency (Establishment, etc) Bill, sponsored by Hon. Etim Bassey, is listed as HB. 154 in the House of Assembly while the Electronic Fraud Prohibition Bill, 2008 (SB. 185) has Senator Ayo Arise listed as sponsor in the Senate. More than at any other time in the history of Nigeria, now is the time for all stakeholders – government, private sector, civil society, media, academia, etc – to ask for accelerated passage of an acceptable (firm but fair) piece of legislation.

One contextual reason why a consolidated and acceptable cybercrime bill(s) needs accelerated passage is because the legislative window will close in May 2011 for another set of lawmakers to assume leadership of the assembly. Well, I trust that fresh faces will walk the hallways of the National Assembly come 2011, but I can’t deny the fact that work will slow down from April 2010. Why? Because the Anambra gubernatorial election of February 2010 will wake every intending legislator up and almost 100% of their attention will then be focused on who takes their seat – themselves, their proteges (I fear the many implications of the word god-son) or opposing parties. So, it only makes sense to galvanize action towards passage now if we don’t want the windows shut on this effort like we saw pre-2007.

This is why as part of the campaign, we will implement a 3-stage process through the first half of 2010:

  1. Online Petition: Today, we opened an online petition at so that everyone can sign. When we are able to get 1,000 signatures (or by January 31), we will forward to the relevant institutions for appropriate action;
  2. Strategy Meeting: Paradigm Initiative Nigeria will host an appraisal meeting in March to discuss where we are at, and next steps. If by that time, legislative laziness continues, we will proceed with the appropriate option in stage 3;
  3. Protest: We will visit the National Assembly leadership to say thank you for the job well done – or to host a week-long peaceful protest within the hallowed compounds – with walk-ins, placards, free stickers for cars in the parking lot and a world press conference at the gate of the National Assembly.

If we act now, we will save our nation from this heinous crime. They say a stitch in time saves nine, and I believe a bill passed in time will save us from cyber crime.