Microsoft NGO Connection Day

Nigeria’s non-profit institutions play a major role as they connect citizens with diverse services that they would otherwise have had no access to. Many of these NGOs work in rural areas or with underserved groups and could benefit a lot by employing the use of ICT tools, but they are yet to have their appropriate introduction beyond the meetings they have with consultants who provide them with one-off ICT services. Building on Microsoft’s work around giving much-needed support to NGOs across the world, hosting a Microsoft NGO Connection Day in Nigeria will help fill a huge gap that will improve organizational efficiency while also helping many non-profits save cost. The Academy will offer an intensive capacity-building program to further enhance skills in ICT, allow NGO staff learn more about Microsoft’s opportunities for non-profits, provide technical demonstrations of Microsoft products, give NGOs the opportunity to network with relevant institutions and also host an ICT Clinic that will allow participants get answers to everyday ICT questions.

In partnership with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) and the Centre for Information Technology and Systems (University of Lagos), National Planning Commission, Federal Ministry of Youth & Development, and Lagos State Government, Microsoft will host a 2-day program at the Computer Centre of the Centre for Information Technology and Systems, University of Lagos on December 17 and 18, 2009. The program will train participants on the use of ICT tools to improve their operations – and they will also get information about Microsoft’s many initiatives specifically designed for the third sector. On December 19, PIN will host an ICT Clinic that will provide on-the-spot answers to technology-related questions while also discussing the ongoing research on “Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians”. You are therefore invited to confirm your participation by writing to info[at] or ugo.nwosu[at] by December 4, 2009.

Please note that all participants will be responsible for their travel and lodging but training, materials (including a copy of the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum CD), coffee break and lunch will be provided by Microsoft – at no cost to participants – on December 17 and 18. We are also glad to announce that an event partner has announced the gift of free domain names and hosting (for 1 year) for up to 100 NGOs. This offer comes with an optional website design offer which will be discussed during the ICT Clinic on Saturday, December 19.

We look forward to hosting you.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Inching closer to recording the song for the #MISSPIN campaign. Thanks Microsoft, Ohimai, Cobhams, BankyW, Rooftop MCs, MI, Modele, Omawumi! #
  • The difference between what you NEED and what you WANT is in having ‘it’. When you have what you need, your desire for ‘it’ remains strong! #
  • In Liberia? Which Internet Service Provider would you recommend for corporate use, considering reliability and cost. Thanks for the feedback #
  • I wrote this piece ( in 2005 and stumbled on it today, thanks to the International Telecommunications Union (@itu_news). #
  • Attention Nigerian schools. Great way to end the year: get the power of Live@EDU! ( Write for details #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • “AUC and UNECA will jointly develop a convention on cyber legislation based on Africa’s needs, for adoption by 2012.” – AU Commission #IGF09 #
  • “It’s my pleasure to officially launch the World Wide Web Foundation, here at the IGF, today.” – WWW founder, Sir Tim Bernes-Lee at #IGF09 #
  • “Each day, 90,000 websites are being created. Yahoo’s 300M members send 100B eMails every month.” – Yahoo! co-founder, Jerry Yang, at #IGF09 #
  • Microsoft is set to announce a Nigerian ‘NGO Connection Day’. Event also supported by giving out 100 free domain names/hosting #
  • Great to see what the Net-Arman (Internet Safety) project, that was inspired by the 2007 International Youth Forum in Egypt, is doing #IGF09 #
  • Q: What is life? // A: A space where you can put your skills to best use, benefit from its output and extend best possible value to others! #
  • Access, one of my favourite topics at #IGF09, is the topic in the main session now. Speakers include NCC’s Ernest Ndukwe, Ben Akoh (@bakoh) #
  • “Power, or energy, is a serious issue when we talk about access. Operators in the global south know this quite well.” – P Dandjinou @ #IGF09 #
  • “Access, to me, is being connected at the right speed, for the right price, to the right content, and in the right place.” E Ndukwe @ #IGF09 #
  • “Africa needs fibre without the limitation of borders… some countries deny landing rights” Ernest Ndukwe on Fibre Without Borders @ #IGF09 #
  • RT @bakoh: Access should also be seen as a social responsibility issue. Ben Akoh, #igf09 :: Even if masked as enlightened business interest? #
  • “There’s a need for secure protection of physical infarstructure assets so that when we’re connected, we can remain connected” Ndukwe #IGF09 #
  • @bakoh true, I believe that we’re in one of those times when all ‘forces’ need to throw efforts in the same direction. All benefit anyway 🙂 in reply to bakoh #
  • @nnenna Link to remote participation is Be sure to join the ‘Main Session Room’ in reply to nnenna #
  • @bakoh I am, and I see you are 🙂 I’m joining the ‘Internet Governance in the light of the WSIS Principles’ at 1500. in reply to bakoh #
  • @kayodeakanni You can go through the same page,, using the ‘Main Session Room’. Session starts in 17 minutes in reply to kayodeakanni #
  • @kayodeakanni You can go through the same page,, using the ‘Main Session Room’. Session starts in 17 minutes #IGF09 #
  • Happening now: Family Online Safety Institute, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle sign partnership agreements with the Cyberpeace Initiative #IGF09 #
  • Egyptian First Lady recognizes youth-focused groups including the United Nations Committe on Youth and ICTs (UN eLeaders) #IGF09 #UNeLeaders #
  • The session on ‘Taking Stock and Looking Forward (Desirability of Forum Continuation)’ is on now. #IGF09 #
  • “If you are considering the question of continuing the IGF, [do] take a very positive view.” – Virtual Vint Cerf (via video link) #IGF09 #
  • So far, Kenya, Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Sweden and the EU have formally spoken in favour of the continuation of the IGF. #IGF09 #
  • The International Telecoms Union will recommend to its member states that the IGF mandate should be extended by at least five years. #IGF09 #
  • UNESCO would like to encourage the active participation of developing countries in the next phase of the IGF, supports continuity. #IGF09 #
  • Masanobuh Katoh (representative of FUJITSU), speaking on behalf of Japan’s stakeholder groups, speaks for the continuity of the IGF. #IGF09 #
  • ICANN says ‘Yes’ to IGF mandate extension and also noted the lack of mainstram youth voice in the process. #IGF09 #
  • @bakoh Maybe we should do lunch, if your schedule permits. I’m not sure I want to be smacked 🙂 in reply to bakoh #
  • “Video will account for 64% of mobile traffic by 2013; an average household watches over 1 hour of video daily.”-Cisco representative #IGF09 #
  • When you get an invitation that reads, “My wife and I invite you to the wedding of our daughter,” from a FaceBook friend, then it’s Web 5.0! #

The Commonwealth IGF

I was quick to embrace the announcement that a Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum would be established for many reasons – the possible opportunity to network with other young ICT enthusiasts around the world and to bring the IGF discussions a little closer to local relevance. You could then imagine how excited I was when I got word from the secretariat that I had been selected to join other CIGF Fellows at the Internet Governance Forum at Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt. With seventeen Fellows (supported by the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) from across the world, the Sharm discussions and follow-up activities will be worthy of dedicated input – and I am sure this will be of help to my work around cybercrime issues.

The CIGF hosted a joint session for fellows and other stakeholders on the 16th of November, the second day of the IGF, with discussions featuring updates from various regions that have remained engaged with the IGF process. From the presentations and feedback from participants, it was obvious that the benefits of the global discussions on Internet Governance can best translate into visible local impact if the issues are well understood and contextualized. The idea of having Commonwealth member countries exchange ideas would also promote, in my own view, some form of good competition towards best practice efforts.

A follow-up CIGF session held on the same day, with discussions highlighting the promotion of regional and national IG groups; sharing of good practices (e.g. regulation workshops, awards, etc); engaging parliamentarians (and their administrative staff); educating policy makers; engaging youth; fighting cybercrime (prevention and regulation); among others. Alongside the CIGF sessions, other IGF discussions on access, critical resources, security and other issues revealed the power in multistakeholder partnerships and bold action. The IGF presented an opportunity for the announcement of new initiatives and partnerships, and some of the facts made known at the various discussions show the huge opportunities that exists for various stakeholders.

From informal discussions with some of the CIGF Fellows, it is obvious that many hope to take to their respective countries, lessons learnt from the countries that have invested heavily in the necessary process of local consultations before the large global events that have so many workshops you could spend an entre day trying to decide which of the clashing (but excellent) sessions you wish to join. Leaving Sharm, I look forward to further discussions with other CIGF Fellows and to the work we can do together as actors in the Internet Governance space. I hope that my interest in, and work on, cybercrime issues (please see PIN/Microsoft Nigeria’s work on this at will add value to the process.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • Q: What do you do when @kenyaairways delays your flight in the midst of a tight schedule? // A: Flesh out thoughts on a new *winning* idea! #
  • Now that I have writer’s block, @kenyaairways, where were we? Lunch can’t be all you’ll offer for a 2-hour delay, I want a free retun ticket #
  • Jambo Kenya! Today proved again that when you know and ask for what you want (your rights, etc), you’ll get it. Assertiveness always helps! #
  • @tomjd Thanks for the willingness to support our eBook. The first chapter is at, hope you help share through AshokaTweets #
  • Paradigm Initiative Nigeria’s ( Quarter 3 2009 update (July – September) is now available online at #
  • RT @AshokaTweets: Ashoka Fellow @gbengasesan has just released a great #eBook, check it out: #socent #
  • Discussing ‘Cybecrime and Outsourcing in Africa’ at the Outsourcing & Contact Centre East Africa conference this morning. #
  • ‘Echoes From Ajegunle’ is on the homepage of Brazillian social networking website, Thanks, @rpamponet! #
  • @wefollow #nigeria #ict4d #socent #
  • At a forum on Web 2.0 in Nigeria, what Web 2.0 businesses/initiatives would you like featured as Case Studies from Nigeria? #nigeria #web2.0 #
  • Thanks Cairo, Sharm had to wait for one more night. You hold an important place in the history that Temi and I share, so, take this: twale! #
  • Saw these hanging stones at Cairo Airport, on my way to Sharm El-Sheik for the Internet Governance Forum. #IGF09 #
  • @guysoft Just leaving to join my Sharm-bound flight now. See you there! in reply to guysoft #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • Looking for a contact at 7up Bottling Company who can help a student with her final year research featuring a Case Study on 7up. Please buzz #
  • Interesting feedback on what Nigerians do – online, and to stay online. Discussing first review at ComBITAfrica tomorrow. #
  • The first chapter of ‘Echoes From Ajegunle’ is now available online – on PIN’s website ( and Scribd ( #
  • Something is happening in Ajegunle, Nigeria! Read inspiring stories of change: (PIN), (Scribd). Pls RT #
  • Tweeting from the venue of ComBIT Africa 2009. Mrs Seriki (CEO, Omatek Computers) just completed a presentation on ICT education #combit09 #
  • Is this a joke? I’m in Lagos, @skype. “Sorry, we don’t have Skype coverage where you are.” Anyone else getting that error message? #
  • “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” Really? No one is going to give you a place; find one, cultivate, stand firm, move! #
  • @Mos_Hygh That isn’t very correct sir, I tweet #lightupnigeria from time to time – and I’m in touch with the movement. So, #lightupnigeria! in reply to Mos_Hygh #
  • @PeteratSkype Thanks, it appears as a pop-up message on my mobile device (wifi connection). Works from my laptop and another location though in reply to PeteratSkype #
  • @niyyie I was trying to gain access using a mobile device. Great seeing you at ComBIT Africa today, and please keep up the excellent work! in reply to niyyie #
  • The Nigerian ‘Digital Sense Forum’, a preparatory event towards the Internet Governance Forum ( holds today in Lagos. #igf09 #
  • We’re looking for students in tertiary institutions in North East/West and South East/South regions of Nigeria to administer questionnaires. #
  • “ICT industry associations in Nigeria must transform into lobby groups” – Chima Onyekwere, Linkserve boss speaking at DSA 2009 #igf09 #dsa09 #
  • “If we think of where we are coming from, we’ll appreciate where we are and what’s about to happen.” – Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem at #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “For the Nigerian ICT industry, my generation should step aside for younger and more vibrant people to take over” – Dr. Ekuwem #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “Nigeria was unprepared for the 1st IGF in Greece; we had no preparatory meeting. This is a great outing!” – Engr. Lanre Ajayi #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Just observed a minute of silence in honour of Late Ndukwe Kalu, first president of Nigerian Internet Registration Association #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “NCC is part of this process and we ar glad that the organizers brought the stakeholders together” – Mrs. Mary Uduma, NCC/NIRA #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “NCC will keep supporting the IGF preparatory meetings… We know voice is gone, it’s the data era” -Mrs. Mary Uduma, NCC/NIRA #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “The minister was called away by the presidency at the last minute, she wanted to be here.” – Minister’s Representative at DSA #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Goodwill messages over, presentations will now follow. Line up includes Anne Rachel Inne on ‘IG & Africa: ICANN Perspective’ #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Mrs. Mary Uduma, NIRA VP, will represent Anne Rachel Inne. Also listed, Mrs. Ibukun Odusote on ‘IG & Nigeria: Journey So Far’ #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Also, ‘IG: The Position of Galaxy’ by Gerald Ilukwe, MD of Galaxy Backbone. ‘IG: The IXPN Function’, Muhammed Rudman, IXPN MD #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • She’s speaking about ICANN at the moment, but NIRA/NCC’s Mrs. Mary Uduma will return later to discuss ‘IG: The Role of NIRA’. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Also listed: ‘NIG & IG’ by Engr. Lanre Ajayi, NIG President. ‘IG & The Role of Law’ by Basil Udotai, MD, Technology Advisors. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • ‘IG: Adding Value to Nigerian Youths’ by @gbengasesan will be followed by an interactive session led by Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • After lunch, summary of discussions – that will form Nigeria’s input at IGF – will be presented for discussions. That’d be it! #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “ICANN ‘Draft Applicant Guidebook’ is open for public comments. We should visit the ICANN website to make input.” – Mrs. Uduma #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “If we keep quiet, decisions will be made on our behalf. It’s time for Nigeria to REALLY get involved!” – Mrs. Mary Uduma #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Muhammed Rudman is now discussing the Nigerian Internet eXchange Point. NIXP’s task is to keep local internet traffic local. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • There are quite a number of secondary school students here, I’m sure they appreciate Muhammed’s detailed description of IXPs. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “There are only 88 countries that have IXPs, 111 still don’t. Africa has 18 IXPs, with only 3 in West Africa” Muhammed Rudman. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “Telecommunication companies have been able to establish direct connections for calls but the internet is yet to enjoy such.” #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “That is why we still pay so much for internet access, but that’s where IXPs can help with direct connections” Muhammed Rudman #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Establishing a Nigerian IXP is a very good example of how global processes can inform local reality. WSIS inspired NIXP setup. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • NIXP’s area of interest in the IGF include Critical Internet Resources, IPv6, IDNS, Human Capacity Buiding and Cyber Security. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Engr Lanre Ajayi is now discussing the origin of IGF. “I will end by stating clear recommendations Nigeria should take to IGF” #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “The countries that have been able to influence the global debate are those who have done their homework.” – Eng. Lanre Ajayi #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “Every country has been pushing their national interest. What exactly is Nigeria’s national interest?” – Engr. Lanre Ajayi #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “Nigeria should consider taking the following to Egypt: Access, Spectrum Management, Root Server.” – Engr. Lanre Ajayi, NIG. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Mrs. Mary Uduma is back and she’s asking the association of telecom companies why members are not utilising .ng domain names. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • @nnenna I will pass on the question to Mrs. Uduma during the question/answer session – and will tweet the answer here in reply to nnenna #
  • “Security is an issue, especially because we have a bad image. We must prove to the world that we have integrity!” – Mrs Uduma #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Just completed my presentation and left a strong message on the issue of security. Engr. Omo-Ettu is moderating questions next #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Feel free to send questions in respect of the Forum and Nigeria’s input at the IGF (and beyond). I’m compiling questions. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • Just read out four quesions sent in from twarticipants. Send more, I’ll read as we continue – though question time ends soon. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “NDLEA came for drug problems, EFCC for financial crimes; we need insitutional intervention for cybercrime” – Chima Onyekwere #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “We need an agency to take care of cybercrime issues because we know that is number 2 problem, after corruption” – Lanre Ajayi #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “Nigerian IPs are being blocked around the world, so we should take the issue of openness more serious at IGF.” – Lanre Ajayi #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • “A major solution to security problems in Nigeria is interconnection.” – Muhammed Rudman, MD, Nigerian Internet eXchange Point #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • The meeting will resume after the lunch break. Feedback to questions will be included in the report, to be posted online ASAP. #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • After lunch, the discussion summary was read out by the rapporteurs. The comprehensive report will shortly. NDSF is now over! #dsa09 #igf09 #
  • To all partners and supporters of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN), we say a huge thanks for your kind support. #
  • It’s been a while I said ‘asante’; glad I’m off to Kenya ( on Sunday. Egypt follows on the 13th for IGF ( #
  • The feedback has been unbelievable, but the real thanks goes to the young (wo)men whose lives are becoming great stories! #
  • @startupsnigeria @possicon @atadewunmi @takinbo @gbengaijotan, there’s a chance to bring together Nigeria’s Web/Mobile folks! Let’s discuss. #
  • Sunny Ade is a scholar in residence at Obafemi Awolowo University! That is a fine example of industry-academia relations. #
  • Jambo Kenya. Can someone please advise on how to get a mobile internet data card that will give me reliable access in Kisumu? Asante sana. #
  • Join #ICT4D Twitter Chat – 11/13 @ 1700GMT – Suggest topics via @ICT_works :: We should discuss ICT Innovation Hubs #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • There is no difference between an unprepared woman (or man) who happens on luck and one to whom opportunity comes when (s)he is not ready! #
  • Hello London! Thanks to Rockefeller Foundation and Ashoka, those were 3 great days in beautiful Bellagio! Pictures will tell the story… #
  • For latest Call for Proposals on ‘Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators’ in Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, see #
  • Africa is NOT a country! Enough of “I’ve been to India and Africa”. Plus, I don’t know everyone in Kenya; that is another country altogether #
  • I had a great time discussing with the participants of AGDC’s Employability Program yesterday. Thanks, @DTChangeAgent, for the invitation. #
  • First peek into the ‘Digital Lifestyle of Connected Nigerians’ research will be unveiled at ComBIT Africa on Nov 3, 2009. #
  • RT @AshokaTweets: Vote for Ashoka founder Bill Drayton as Huff Post’s Ultimate Game Changer in Philanthropy! #socent #
  • Ignorance. Discovery. Denial. Pressure. Curiousity. Consciousness. Exploration. Acceptance. Familiarity. Dependence. Defence. Addiction! #