Adroyte Announces September PMP/CAPM Exam Boot Camp for Lagos

“I believe everyone should attend this course because the skills learnt can increase personal productivity in geometric proportions. I have, and will continue to, recommend this program to professionals who are involved in management activities and wish to maintain high efficiency with near-zero defects. The learning environment was perfect and was always ignited by warm participants and facilitators.” – Ugo Nwosu, Project

“I can confidently say the program is an investment both in time spent and exposure. I do not regret having or made the decision. This is for anyone who is looking to create opportunities. With the PMP global possibilities are endless.”- Michael Leramo, Huawei

That’s what some of the participants of Adroyte’s PMP/CAPM Exam Boot Camp for July 2009 thought! Here’s another opportunity for you to learn, prepare for your exams and also discuss with other project managers in an environment that promotes learning and sharing. Join us for the next PMP/CAPM Exam Boot Camp for 2 weekends this September (19th, 20th, 26th and 27th). Seats are limited and cost of training (including your copy of the Crosswind Certification Exam Manual based on PMBOK 4, coffee break, lunch, etc) is N90,000.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the world’s leading project management certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Getting a credential like PMP boosts your career and positions you for growth. Adroyte’s PMP/CAPM Exam Boot Camp provides the requisite knowledge needed to develop your career as a successful Project Management Professional. The training comes with the following advantages:

• It delivers more than the 35-hour PMI contact hour requirement to qualify for the PMP exam;

• Provides real help with exam accreditation; giving helpful insights and a real template to complete the experience required to qualify for the exam;

• Introduction to Microsoft Project software;

• Practical Project Management tips including practical pointers on how to develop project management documents;

• Post training support in the form of a PMP community to help develop your project management skills.

• We know what has changed from PMBOK 3 to PMBOK 4. So, you have nothing to worry about!

As part of our commitment to delivering high value and give you the best all-round project management training, we will be giving out a FREE copy of the Crosswind Certification Exam Manual based on PMBOK 4 at no extra cost outside the training fee. The new book is worth N20,000 and contains an exam simulation CD to help with your preparation. The book will also serve as a reference material after you have become a PMP.

Training discussion topics include:

• The Five Process Groups: “Project Management: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing”;

• The Nine Knowledge Areas of Project Management: Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk, and Procurement;

• Professional and Social Responsibility and Framework;

• Introduction to Microsoft Project.

For more information, please contact: or or call +234 8037474312

7 Things

Always special
The date of the first cry
Hopefully very far from the last smile
With all memories in between

Celebrated in many ways
Across many cities
Sometimes, with really loud sounds
And others, with more dreams than cakes

What is it with time
That days roll into years
But the journey towards vision
Brightens even the darkest of days

Three decades and two years
Looking back brings a rush
Pleasant. Tears. Shock. Laughter. Assurance.
Looking ahead… excitement!

She walked in 191 days ago
And that makes today different from others.
Temilade, thank you for the 7 things
That make my birthday a day to thank you!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  • If Nigeria’s young and middle class don’t take advantage of the 2011 electoral opportunity to force change, then we’ll wait for a long time! #
  • @oaina I actually meant Young and Middle Class as distinct groups. ‘Young’ because of size/energy and ‘Middle Class’ because of influence. in reply to oaina #
  • @lawwyy People do want change. That’s why we buy generators, sink bore holes, get private guards, etc. It’s now time to make that COLLECTIVE in reply to lawwyy #
  • Just concluded my presentation at a forum on ICTs hosted by DBI, Abuja. Prof. Akwule spoke just before me and Engr. Ndukwe is pseaking now. #
  • Teaching Web 2.0 tools (microblogging, media sharing, etc) at the DBI/Harvard Berkman Centre/Georgia Tech/McArthur NGO Forum later today #
  • Listening to Hillary Clinton’s major speech on Foreign Relations. Am I the only one, or is she gesticulating with her left hand like Obama? #
  • ( is now on twitter! Follow @ajegunledotorg for information about the project, updates and new stories! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • Reading Deolu Akinyemi’s blog, “Life Lessons from My Mummy”, at Life is not measured by duration, but donation! #
  • Deadline extended for the online survey on internet use by Nigerians. Please complete survey at Tell others too, thanks. #
  • @takinbo Yes, Tim. Please help spread the word and ask people to RT your RT’s in reply to takinbo #
  • Our chance to lay the foundation for change! Attend the Public Hearing on the Nigerain Cybersecurity Bill and/or write to #
  • Demonstrate your interest in the Nigerian Cybersecurity Bill! Let’s stop the strings of shame! Write to Hon. Rabe Nasir,! #
  • Young? In Abuja? Interested in ICT? Let’s meet @ Cybersecurity Public Hearing July 8, 10am. Room 208, Ground Floor (New Wing), House of Reps #
  • Non-profits working in Nigeria’s South West communities that can benefit from the model should get in touch. #
  • Nigerian Cybersecurity Bill: Have you sent your written input to Hon. Rabe Nasir @ Let me know so I can ask him tomorrow! #
  • RT @the_anke: Woo! Nigerian Cybersecurity Bill: Have you sent your written input to Hon. Rabe Nasir @ || Thanks Anke #
  • Now, that’s the way to fly;-) Fasten seatbelt. Wake up for the in-flight meal. Wake up just in time to disembark. Nice. Good morning, Abuja! #
  • Interesting discussions today at the Nigerian House of Representatives’ Public Hearing on the Cybersecurity Bill. Clearly, it’s action time! #
  • After unsuccessful attempts to check in online because of the notorious Abuja Airport Road traffic, I looked up… we’re at the airport! #
  • Download a PDF copy of Nigeria’s Cybersecurity (Draft) Bill from Text version at #
  • Attending a dinner event in honour of Prof. Pat Utomi later today, where the “Alliance for Progress” will be announced. Tickets: 01-2702654 #
  • Smart young African returns home to take advantage of the Obama craze in Ghana. Hotel Obama! See #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Silence is golden if accompanied by a period of intelligent review, deliberate efforts and adequate preparation for the next ‘few’ words. #
  • Excited about: Book pre-order deal with! Resumed ICT training for Niger Delta teachers! Meeting with the British Business Group! #
  • Digital Bridge Institute, Harvard, Georgia Tech, MacArthur host ‘ICTs and NGO Effectiveness’ Forum July 16. Contact #
  • Discussing and PIN’s other projects with the British Business Group today. Tomorrow’s discussion is at U-Turn Concept’s seminar #
  • Just leaving Ikoyi (Lagos, Nigeria) where PIN picked up 3 more internship partners for the project and a likely media interview #
  • Even with the ‘slow’ take-off, today deserves all the energy I pre-planned for it. Let’s go, Friday! Adroyte’s PMP training starts tomorrow. #
  • Just read about the Alternative Power Booster developed by 2 young Nigerians (see I’ll test the product ASAP and review #
  • Adroyte Solution’s PMP training starts this morning. I’m returning to the classroom to grab key concepts for better project management! #PMP #
  • Coffee time at Adroyte’s #PMP training. Though the ‘knowledge’ sounds familiar due to experience, the class scenarios were extremely useful! #
  • Day 1 over. Favourite topic: Work Breakdown Structure (interesting class example). Looking forward to Project Time Management tomorrow. #PMP #