Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • The Guardian’s editorial for June 15 (today) focused on “[t]he Microsoft local languages initiative.” Read editorial at #
  • @Duakwa Great to see you on twitter dad! And congratulations on the graduation, you must be proud that they’re all doing great! Best regards in reply to Duakwa #
  • HealthDay News: “Have a Purpose in Life? You Might Live Longer.” See report at and please set the goals before today ends #
  • Nigeria’s DRAFT Cyber Security & Information Protection Agency bill is available at Send comments ahead of July 8 hearing #
  • Nigeria’s DRAFT Cyber Security & Information Protection Agency bill is available @ Send comments ahead of July 8 hearing #
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

  • “I don’t do this for recognition, reward or fame; I do it for the quiet satisfaction that comes with sweat.” – Gatorade energy drink advert #
  • Michael Letzig on Tiger Woods: ”I’ve never seen anyone hit irons like that, I tried not to watch him, but some of those shots were unreal” #
  • Risk or Revolution? One of Nigeria’s popular newspapers ( bets on a new strategy built on paid subscription. Will it work? #
  • @kazey In a market with alternatives, the natural option when you meet a brickwall is to migrate 😉 But I’d like to see their month-end hit in reply to kazey #
  • @agegelabs It’ll be interesting to see 🙂 My secret prediction is that their ‘exit’ will help ‘’ break into the list 🙂 Let’s see in reply to agegelabs #
  • Home sweet home! Temi and I leave for Nigeria few hours from now. I can’t wait even though the calendar is trying to scare me:) Bring it on! #
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

  • Temi and I just returned from UK Trade & Investment’s event, Peter Stephenson got a leadership award! Now preparing for tomorrow’s seminar. #
  • Not Missing In Action: African Youth and the New Development Paradigm. Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. Room 13, Chambers Building. 12:30 #
  • Interesting discussion today at Milton Keynes! Look forward to the strategy session at Ashoka’s London office tomorrow. #
  • Microsoft Vista now speaks Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Go live, download the packs at, and #
  • Just came out of a fantastic brainstorming session with Ashoka UK staff and Support Network members. Listening proved really powerful again! #
  • That I don’t agree with you right now doesn’t mean you’re wrong. I may not be wrong too, it may just be that many roads lead to that market! #
  • See, for more on Microsoft NGO Academy. Register for Nigerian session by June 5, #
  • Confirmed! “In My Own Words,” autobiographical reflection and collection
    of my presentations published by Imprimata, will be out August 2009 #
  • @franziskaseel Thanks, copies of the book will be available for online orders. The book’s website will provide details, shortly… in reply to franziskaseel #
  • If anyone laughs at your brain-wave but you’re sure you know what you’re talking about, then ask them to see this video: #