Invent Your World Challenge

Come up with an invention a new or adapted technology and enter the Invent Your World Challenge.

Ashoka GenV and the Lemelson Foundation will support 50 young inventors in using their inventions to create positive change by providing mentorship, seed funding, networking opportunities, and even a $20,000 scholarship.

Invent Your World! Submit your one paragraph idea before March 15, 2009!

Ideas are reviewed on an on-going basis and projects can be launched anytime.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for how to take part in the Invent Your World Challenge:

1) Dream It:

Come up with a new technology or adapt an existing technology to make life easier, the planet greener, or the world better. Need inspiration? Check out “Invention Ventures” for some examples.

2) Submit It:

Send us your idea in just 200 words. Tell us: what’s your invention and how can it create positive change. If you can, send us a photo of your prototype. Submit now!

3) Plan It:

Once we receive your idea and we choose to support it, we will send you an action plan so you can apply for funding.

4) Do It:

Submit your action plan and present your project to a panel of mentors to receive feedback and advice. Once approved, you will receive your grant, and you are then ready to launch your invention venture. Do it!

Submit your invention idea now.

Through the Invent Your World Challenge, Ashoka GenV and the Lemelson Foundation will help fifty young inventors use their creations to address a local or global challenge and create positive change.

Young people are invited to submit their ideas for a new technology or the adaptation of an existing technology that will help make life easier, the planet greener, or the world better. Youth whose ideas are selected for support will receive an action plan so that they can apply for funding. They will then submit their action plans and present their projects to a panel of mentors to receive feedback and advice. Once their idea is approved, they will receive a grant.

The challenge is open to all individuals between the ages of 12 and 20 in North America and Europe, and 12 and 24 everywhere else. Each participant will be required to submit an action plan showing what activities will be carried out and how the grant will be spent, and will need to form a team with at least two other youth to qualify for funding.

A panel of distinguished judges will choose five of the best invention ventures to participate in a global roundtable on climate change at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Judges will also award one team a $20,000 scholarship for college.

The last day to submit a project idea is March 15, 2009. Visit the GenV Web site for complete program information.