Rwanda’s Quest for ICT Prowess!

I arrived Rwanda on Wednesday morning, and just before leaving Lagos, the first thoughts I had about travelling this way was not unconnected to seeing what the country really looks like without seeing it through the lens of Hotel Rwanda. I’m here for the ICT Africa Investment Summit (until Friday, when I proceed to the GKP meeting in Sri Lanka where Youth and Social Entrepreneurship will take center stage again).

I travelled through Nairobi and suffered eMail withdrawal symptoms while in Nairobi, but little did I know that Rwanda was waiting for me to enjoy Wi-Fi. As soon as I lifted the lid of my laptop and pushed the regular buttons, I was greeted by the wireless network detected kind words. 😉 I could get work done at the airport, and I’m presently at Hotel Intercontinental, where the same service is being extended. From informal discussions and more, it is obvious that Rwanda is serious about this ICT for Development business! Outside getting work done for Lagos Digital Village (LDV), I am also doing some consulting work for the Youth Caucus — which has youth from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

The next few days are quite packed — travelling (Rwanda and Sri Lanka), hosting the Mentorship Roundtable for LDV, announcing new blog offers, hosting Youth Agenda 2006 and preparing for LDV’s second year anniversary!

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