Black All

Lives lost in line of duty
Erasing the day’s beauty
Black Friday I was quick to say
But streams of thoughts came my way

A certain Sunday in Lagos
It was a huge dose of loss
And few Mondays ago
My friend’s loss was a huge blow

Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays
All have become sad days
As if to join them all
Saturday has had evil on its wall

My heart sinks for my nation
When we should anticipate celebration
But then, I rise. I lift my head
Even if warning lights are bright red

Black all, days of the week
Strength declines, many are weak
But then, we rise. We decide for tomorrow
We will not bow at the feet of sorrow

Black all, the mood across the land
But we’ll walk hand in hand
They assume fear begins with a bomb
But I reply: change begins with my thumb!

Written in honour of the lives lost at the Suleja office of the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission tonight. We will not disappoint you, your loss will not be in vain!

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