Call for Applications: Mentorship Roundtable for Young ICT Enthusiasts

Chris Uwaje, mentoring Tope, myself and more...

I have just sent out this news item (below), and thought I should share in this blog space since I once talked about this here. Please forward to people that you know would benefit from the experience. In a few hours (less than 28), I’ll say more about some amazing tools that I’m presently downloading and testing! For now, make someone’s career dream come true by forwarding this announcement (or the blog permalink, to them:

“While government policies and policy instruments may not be lacking for the Nigerian ICT sector, there is the concern that majority of policy instruments (regardless of sector) are often high-sounding but may lack visible expression if care is not taken. From the robust Information Technology policy to the policy that describes the need for ICT education, it is gradually becoming clear that it is necessary to build bridges between policy and action. Fortunately, the WSIS process has revealed that young people stand as one of such bridges: capacity building for youth is a sure way of securing the future of any enterprise. This then highlights the need to introduce aspiring ICT professionals to mentorship opportunities within the sector — which is what the Bridges Roundtable seeks to address.

“In Nigeria’s Information and Communications Technology sector, role models abound. From the CEO of Lagos based corporations to lecturers in the Diaspora, young Nigerians have a lot of people to look up to. There are Nigerians whose names cause positive stirs in international fora, and there are those whom young only see on the television or read about in the dailies. This roundtable seeks to build bridges between these aspiring professionals and the existing role models, in order to build staying power for the industry. The roundtable will bring together seasoned ICT professionals (spanning government, private sector and civil society) and aspiring professionals (who will be selected based on interest and previous participation) to discuss how the next generation can stand on the shoulders of elders in order to see farther ahead. With the theme, “Equipping the Next Generation: The Role of Mentorship in ICT Development in Nigeria”, we hope to create continuous communication that can reduce the learning curve for intending ICT professionals in Nigeria, and thus bridge the gap between policy and sustainable action.

Lagos Digital Village is proud to announce that applications are open for the Bridges Roundtable. Twenty young people with passionate interest in ICTs are expected to meet with identified mentors whose experiences include government, private sector and civil society. The Bridges Roundtable will hold at the Heinrich Boll Foundation office on the 17th of May, 2006, and additional details will be made available to successful applicants. To apply, please send your detailed resume and a cover letter (upper limit of 500 words) — detailing your area of interest in the ICT sector and what your future plans are — to Applications must be received by 11:59pm, April 27, 2006.”

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