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ReVoDa, a new mobile application brought to you by the EnoughisEnough Nigeria coalition, was designed to allow citizens report incidents, results, violence/fraud, police behaviour, INEC staff conduct, etc, from their respective polling units – and from the comfort of their mobile phones. ReVoDa turns eligible voters into informal election observers, and allows monitoring organizations to draw conclusions about the legitimacy and accuracy of the elections. If you’re already familiar with what ReVoDa is, and you just want to start using it, please see the 5 Easy Steps at the end of this blog post.
ReVoDa ReVoDa

Since Nigeria’s elections have a history of manipulation and voters are usually disconnected from the process beyond voting in itself, the use of ReVoDa during the 2011 elections will showcase the power of popular participation. ReVoDa, as part of EiE Nigeria’s RSVP campaign, connects voters to the entire process and makes it fun – especially for young voters who’re avid technology users.

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ReVoDa provides untrained citizens with a medium through which they can share their objective and subjective election experiences and it potentially turns the 87,297,789 Nigerians with mobile phones, 43,982,200 with internet access and 2,985,680 on Facebook into informal election observers. ReVoDa is easy to use, and comes with a HELP function to guide you. To use ReVoDa, start by registering your name and polling unit number by sending a text message to 08128882011, using this format: PU# Name (e.g. 24/13/02/015 Oluwangozi Danladi). If you’re sending from someone else’s phone, use this format: PU# Name Mobile# (e.g. 24/13/02/015 Oluwangozi Danladi 0800 000 0000). You will get a return SMS confirming your registration and advising you to download the app. You can read more about how it works at

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Please spread the word by using the “Tell A Friend” feature of the app, or by sending this text message to your friends: “You should use ReVoDa Mobile application to monitor 2011 elections, send reports & get updates from EiENigeria. Download the app @”. If you prefer tweets: “U shld use ReVoDa Mobile app 2 monitor 2011 elections, send reports & get updates from @EiENigeria. Download @

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And here are 5 Easy Steps to take in order to use ReVoDa, courtesy of @EiENigeria:

1) Send your PU number (see top right corner of voters’ ID) and name to 08128882011, eg 24/13/02/015 Oluwangozi Danladi

2) @EiENigeria will send you a text message to confirm your registration, along with a link to download ReVoDa

3) Download and install ReVoDa, and set up your profile information on the ReVoDa mobile app

4) Get familiar with ReVoDa! Feel free to use the HELP menu or check out

5) Share ReVoDa with others using the “Tell A Friend” tool or Facebook/Twitter menu (not available for ReVoDa Lite)

For more information, please contact EiE Nigeria via or 0809 222 2011 or @EiENigeria.

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