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Listen, don't just read

You can now listen to all my blog posts — by simply clicking the link that says  Listen to this podcast (computer-generated voice). You may wish to scroll to the end of the message to check out the cool tool! When I read Andy Carvin’s eMail about Talkr, I made my eWay immediately to the website to check it out myself and after a few minutes (fortunately, its easier to set up if you use WordPress), I was listening away. 🙂

I think its a really cool tool for bloggers (and media houses that have compatible websites) to use because we can now conveniently rest, assured that those who may be visually impaired can still have access to news and informative/educative/entertainment (someone tongue-twisted this to read “edu-info-tainment”) resources. I tested the tool with my last post on Tired of Talking and even though the computer-generated voice (feminine) was obviously not perfect (especially as it pronounced my blog name — which means “word” — as another word with the same spelling — but with another meaning entirely). Ask me to rate the tool, and I’ll say it does too much good to hurt when my name is pronounced as Gee-bayn-ga!

See the Listen to this podcast (computer-generated voice) below… I can imagine how much fun it is to listen to the last part of this blog, and how does the 🙂 icon sound? How about a “text” laughter, hahahahahaha! Interested in installing Talkr for your blog? Click on the Listen to ANY blog link to the right of this post, or just follow this link.

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